Welcome to This Website!

Think outside the box! is the name of the Math and Science Club that I have taught for the past seven years at a public elementary school that my children attend. I started with 1-3 graders when my sons were in 1st and 2nd grades, then I taught 3-4 graders, then 4-5 for three years, and then I took 1-2 graders again as my daughter was in the 1st grade. Now she is a 3rd grader and I am teaching 3-4 graders.

We meet once a week for one hour after school throughout the entire school year. That amounts to roughly 30 lessons.

For several years I was able to get some funding for around $300 per year, which allowed me to buy better quality supplies and presents for students. This year I charged parents $20 for supplies.

I have created this site to share with you the handouts that I prepare on the weekly basis. Please feel free to use them for lessons with your students. Some of the ideas and pictures I find on the internet, so I don't claim any copyright to any of the handouts. Take them and enjoy them!


Olga Korosteleva, Ph.D.