Meeting Minutes Index

This is a listing of all of the formal meeting minutes for the Robotics Society of Southern California


Class Contest
Meeting Report Intro to Computer Vision by Alex and Leaf – ROS – Rosbridge by Bruce None this month
March 8, 2014 John Wright - JPL Curiosity Mars Rover Driver Sumo Robot Contest - Part 1
February 8, 2014 Installing Linux (Ubuntu) into any computers. This will be good in preparation for the Leaf + ROS Integration Prof Mason’s Firefighting Robots – Lots of teams will be competing from Mt. San Antonio College - Rules
January 11, 2014 Robustness and Efficiency of Planar Biped Walking Robots by David Post, Ph.D. Grid Navigation (rules )
December 14, 2013 3D Printing Annual Talent Contest
November 9, 2013 TrackRoamer Robot Find 3 blobs in the hallway
October 12, 2013 Fedora Electronics Lab Find the Blob in the Hall Contest
September 14. 2013 Lego NXT Sensor Interfacing No contest this month
August 10, 2013 3D Printing Mini Urban Challenge - Part II
July 13, 2013 Raspberry Pi GPIO Mini-urban challenge