November 9, 2013

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, November 9, 2013

Robotics Society of Southern CA Meeting 11-9-2013

CSULB Engineering department building, 302

Minutes : Doug


Class : TrackRoamer


Sergei spoke about his TrackRoamer robot in great detail, including hardware specifics as well as the software. You can see all the details on his website



Business Meeting



The Riverside Robotics Expo was a success. Check out photos of the event at

Here is a synopsis video from the event.



Upcoming Classes (11:00 – 12:00)

December - 3D Printing

January - Walking Robots


Upcoming Competitions:

December - Talent Contest




Find 3 Blobs in the Hall Contest


Since the blob finding contest went so smoothly, we made it more challenging to search for three blobs. Updated rules are at the bottom half of this page :


1st Place - Alex

Prize : Zumo robot, donated by Pololu

Alex's robot Rocky won first place after detecting 3 red balls.



2nd Place - Doug

Prize : TI MSP430 Dev Kit

Doug detected three cups using his OpenCV phone add with Bluetooth connection.




Show and Tell


Bob Barbosa

Bob Barbosa came from Kids Talk Radio to speak about their emphasis on robotics. If you have pictures of your robots, or would like to do an interview, please contact him. He spoke about the Occupy Mars project that he is working on with our president Walter Martinez.



Carl showed a programmable string of LED lights that can be controlled by an Arduino or other microcontroller. You can see the product available at Adafruit ( but Carl mentioned you can get them for lower cost at Alibaba if you are willing to wait for shipping. There are several different lengths and densities available, which in the end will change the current requirement. Be cautious, as the current can add up quickly!