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Need Help constructing your robot? Forgotten Ohm's law? Need programming help?

Contact one of the folks below.

Below is a list of people who kindly offered their time to assist other robot builders in the field(s) that is/are listed.

Do you want your name added to this list ? Great ! please contact us.

Please show our experts the utmost respect as this is strictly volunteer work.

Professor Martin Mason ( - General Robotics, Circuitry, microprocessors/controllers including the arduino and picaxe.

Ravi - RobotC programming

Tim Sullivan - Mechanical

Steven Gentner - Robot vision, RoboRealm

Russell Newman ( - General robotics, electronics

John Davis - Lego MindStorm, NXT, Yellow Brick

Thomas Messserschmidt (Robot Betty) - General robotics, electronics, AI, Voice I/O, servos, VEX, androids

Don Fears ( - General Robotics

Jef Mangelschots - Python programming