About Robotics Society of Southern California

RSSC is an experimental robotics association formed in 1989 that meets once a month on the second Saturday of the month at California State University Long Beach. Our meetings start at 11 AM.

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Our primary goal is to promote and advance the art of robotics and the surrounding technologies by providing a fun and exciting meeting place where people of all ages and from all walks of life from the novice to the large brained pocket protector wearing robot guru may gather and exchange knowledge, information and ideas.

Our typical meetings consist of a classroom session covering software, electronics, mechanical, soldering, construction techniques and more. After the classroom session we typically hold a short business meeting where we discuss and handle club related items. As soon as we finish the club business meeting we hold a "Show And Tell" session. This part of the meeting is without a doubt the most fun you can legally have in a public place. This is where you get to bring one or more of your creations - past, present and future projects - to show off. Once the presentations have finished we break off into an open discussion session where you are free to walk about, meet and converse with other robotics enthusiasts.