September 14. 2013

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, September 14, 2013

Meeting Date: Saturday September 14, 2013

Minutes: Walter

Special Interest Group (starts at 10am every meeting): an Artificial Intelligence Robot

Topics: Behavior Scripts - settings values to be random, manual or defaults by Dr. Bruce

Class (starts at 11am every meeting) : Lego NXT Sensor Interfacing

Interesting sensors were covered: Funduino and HMC5883L

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Our budget is looking good. Five new members signed up this month.  They gave a $10 yearly donation.

Next month’s class is on Linux and robotics.

Next month's contest will be on Finding the Blob in the Hall - rules provided by Bill

Next month is our pizza party!


Contest was cancelled this month.  Members do not have bipedal robots ready for this contest yet.


Walter- demonstrated how he used Google Sketchup to design a simple educational robot kit then joined a a laser cutting studio where he took his designed file and cut the parts in different materials (plywood, MDF and acrylic) to create his prototype. Walter then used to deveolp great looking diagram and layouts for his educational curriculum. Walter also designed sensor brackets using Sketchup and printed them using a 3D printer. Using this tools allowed him to create a product. Another new tool to design and simulate Arduino circuits is After finding the shortcomings of Sketchup (not able to rezise to scale where drilled holes are) a couple of deisign tools for robotics were recommended:   Solidworks and OpenSCAD

Prof Mason - demonstrated a new robot named BoB that can be downloaded and 3D printed

CSULB graduate demonstrated his online telepresence robot (I will post the website when I find it). 

Next Month


October - Find the Blob In The Hall (we have some great prizes from  and

November – 16oz BattleRobots follow RFL rules

Video from the RCX - Expo in Long Beach, competition by Prof Mason

Dec – Yearly Talent Contest


October – Lego NXT Sensor Interfacing

November - Sergei on TrackRoamer

December - Walking Robots by ?