RSSC Membership Information


There are no requirements for attending meetings. Just come and enjoy. Any age or level of expertise welcome.  If you want to join and support the organization, people donate $10.00 every year for full members and $5 for students. This helps pay our website and year-end pizza party and some prizes for our competitions.  Visitors are always welcome so come check it out!!!!


Get help from our expert Members - Here is a list of members that volunteer their help in specific area's of expertise or informed interest. Do you want to have your name added to this list, Great !! please contact us.


Member's personal webpages:

Here are some links to some current and past members' personal web pages. If you want your page referenced here or if you don't like your picture, send an email to our admin.

  Alex Brown and here

   Russel Newman

 Jef Mangelschots

   Jimmie Sypolt

   Martin Mason

   Steve Gentner

   Robin Hewitt

   Henry Arnold

    Dr. Rainer Hessmer

   Derek Jones

   Thomas Messerschmidt

    Walter Martinez

    Paul Ashley

   Emille Valkov

    Doug Sievers

    Sergei Grichine