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PSMS-Scholars Application Deadline

5pm November 14, 2014
PSMS-Starters Application Deadline

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January 23, 2015

Forms and Materials

Travel Forms

Students are encouraged to consider academic travel for conferences and workshops as a form of professional development. When you are planning to attend a conference, you MUST file the Travel Authorization form. Keep all of your receipts during the travel. Once returned, use the Travel Claim form to file for reimbursement. A typical process for making a travel claim with the travel authorization form:

  1. Discuss with the department PSMS faculty about the conference.
  2. Estimate the travel cost (including lodging, food, and transportation, etc), get the foundation account number for PSMS from Dr. Kwon and her signature for the Travel Authorization form. Get the Department chair's signature as well.
  3. You will take the form(s) to the college Administrative Services Coordinator Kathy Vega (Contact: (562) 985-4539, for Dean's signature.
  4. You can leave the form with Ravi or submit the signed form to Foundation yourself.

Activity Form

Scholars as well as starters are required to attend a minimum of two PSMS-endorsed workshops/events per semester. Keep a running record of the activities attended and return the activity form to your faculty advisor at the end of the semester.