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PSMS-Scholars Application Deadline

5pm November 14, 2014
PSMS-Starters Application Deadline

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January 23, 2015

Application Materials

All applicants are required to obtain and complete the following documents:


  1. An application form.
  2. A copy of unofficial CSULB transcript on all college work attempted.
  3. An 11-point font, typed, double-spaced, one-page personal narrative to address your background and educational and career goals.
  4. One reference letter from a community college or CSULB faculty member.


  1. An application form.
  2. An 11-point font, typed, double-spaced, one-page personal narrative to address your background and educational and career goals.
  3. One reference letter from a CSULB faculty member or from your community college or high school science teacher.

In addition, applicants must satisfy the eligibility criteria described in the Eligibility page. To submit your application, send all documents electronically to the email address of the faculty member from your major department. You can also drop off the hard copies to their campus mailboxes. See the faculty contacts by major.

Application Process

The evaluation of the applicants will involve a two-step process:

  1. Stage I
    • The department representative evaluates the application and interviews the applicants for professionalism (motivation, ability to manage time and resources, communication skills, etc).
    • The department representative rates the applicants within their respective departments. Each department forwards a maximum of three applicants to the Steering Committee as first-year incoming scholarship candidates for each program.
  2. State II
    • The final selection will be made by the Steering Committee. No one department can have more than two first-year scholarship recipients for each program.
    • The Steering Committee may interview the applicants before making the final selection.

Once Selected

Once you are selected as a scholarship recipient, an official acceptance letter will be emailed to you by one of the faculty advisors. Paperwork to request for the scholarship award will be submitted to the financial aid office on your behalf and your will be able to see the PSM-Scholarship in your MyCSULB. A detailed information on how to accept/decline the award can be found here.

Notice that financial aid funds are first applied toward any outstanding University charges. Any excess amounts are then refunded through direct deposit into your checking/savings account through a process called "eRefund."