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PSMS-Scholars Application Deadline

5pm November 14, 2014
PSMS-Starters Application Deadline

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January 23, 2015

Eligibility Requirements

If you think that your GPA is "too low", it's not. This isn't a scholarship for the 4.0 people. If you think the application is going to be too hard, it's not. Just a quick one page letter, and the standard transcript, application form, and letter of recommendation. This isn't a scholarship for the English essay writing types. If you think you don't qualify financially, you're probably wrong -- because even just being eligible for federal loans counts.

"This is a scholarship for people like us, who work hard but might not have the best GPA. This is a scholarship for people like us, who do work to support our studies and even though our parents might make money, it's not too easy for them to help us fund our education. This is a scholarship for people like us, who want to follow our goals and study the science and mathematics that we love. It provides a cool group of sci/math undergrads on the same path, financial support, and great mentors." --- Delora Gaskins '11

Just apply. You won't get it, if you don't apply!

This scholarship is NOT designed to award students who already achieve academic excellence. Instead, we want to foster the growth of scholars who are serious about school and their future. If you are unsure of what you should do to prepare for graduate schools and/or industrial jobs, this scholarship program provides excellent mentorship to help you succeed in all aspects of your academic career. The application is simple and straightforward.

In order to be considered for a Physical Science and Mathematics Scholarship (PSM-Scholarship), you must

  1. be enrolled in CSULB full time and seeking a BS-degree in any of the following programs: Chemistry, Geology, Earth Science, Physics, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education. Notice the exclusion of biomedical related fields;
  2. be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident;
  3. be eligible for need-based federal financial aid; Wonder if you are eligible? According to the financial aid office, 2/3 of the students at CSULB are. That is, most of the students are! Still not convinced that you should apply? Allow me to give you an example. A student who lives at home, does not work, and have both parents bring in a combined income more than 100K a year is liekly to be eligible. We will check with the financial aid office for your financial need, you don't need to do that for us! Just be sure to file FAFSA (free application for federal student aid) before you submit your application materials.
  4. have a minimum GPA of 2.5 (this is the indication that we are not necessarily looking for the BEST student);
  5. agree to provide tracking data and be part of a longitudinal research and tracking of graduate studies or professional placement;
  6. (PSMS-Starters only) be eligible or making successful progress towards your eligibility to take MATH 122;
  7. (PSMS-Scholars only) be eligible to take upper division courses set by each program. In particular,
    • (Chemistry) be eligible to take CHEM 371A and have a minimum of "B" in prior CHEM courses.'
    • (Geology) be eligible to take GEOL 322 and have a minimum of "B" in prior GEOL courses.'
    • (Mathematics) be eligible to take MATH 310, 364A, 380, or other 300-level math courses and have a minimum of "B" in prior MATH courses.'
    • (Physics) be eligible to take PHYS 310 and have a minimum of "B" in prior PHYS courses.'

What are you still waiting for? APPLY NOW! If you have questions about any of these requirements, feel free to email any one of the four faculty advisers.