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PSMS-Scholars Application Deadline

5pm November 14, 2014
PSMS-Starters Application Deadline

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January 23, 2015

2009-2010 AY Scholarship Recipients and Department Advisors

Contact Information

All completed applications as well as any major-related questions should be directed to respective department faculty (co-director) as indicated in the table below while general inquiries regarding the scholarship program should be directed to the program director, Dr. Chuhee Kwon.

Left to right in the picture:

Jen-Mei Chang, Paul Buonora, Chuhee Kwon. Check out Dr. Lora Stevens' website for a photo of hers.

Department Faculty Contact Phone Number Email
Physics & Astronomy Chuhee Kwon, Ph.D. 562/985-4855
Chemistry & Biochemistry Paul Buonora, Ph.D. 562/985-4946
Mathematics & Statistics Jen-Mei Chang, Ph.D. 562/265-8380
Geological Sciences Lora Stevens, Ph.D. 562/985-4817

2014-2015 AY Scholarship Recipients

Major(s) Recipient Starter/Scholar Email
Physics Daan Leiva Scholar
Physics Jaylen Wimbish Scholar
Physics Elizabeth Briley Starter
Physics Tyrone Thames Starter
Chemistry Hinz Abriam Scholar
Chemistry Linda Ung Scholar
Chemistry Kimberly Ear Starter
Chemistry Khoa Nguyen Starter
Applied Math/Physics Diana Gonzalez Scholar
Applied Math/Econ Jonathan Guzman Scholar
Math Genesis Scholar
Math Adriana Arias Scholar
Applied Math/Econ Julia Murphy Starter
Math Christian Santizo Starter
Geology Jenifer Leidelmeijer Scholar
Geology Joshua Kajiyama Scholar
Geology Leonardo Ruiz Starter
Geology Jeanie Amezcua Starter

Where Are They Now?

Delora is the first graduate from CSULB PSMS ( Mathematics and Chemistry '11). She was a member of the Mezyk Laboratory where she studied the temperature dependent kinetics of the hydroxyl radical oxidation of thiocyanate. She also was the associate president of the Mathematics and Statistics Student Association and competed in the Putnam Competition, scoring non-zero numbers of points. She is now a second year graduate student and NSF Graduate Research Fellow in the Epstein Laboratory at Brandeis University and is engaged in research investigating spatio-temporal patterns formed by nonlinear chemical oscillating reactions.