Walking Robot Contest


Walking Robot Contest

1. Feet: The contest entries must be autonomous walking robots with at least 2 feet. No wheels are allowed on the robots.

2. Course: Start and finish lines will be installed 6 feet apart on the floor using 3/4" wide black plastic electrical tape.

3. Time Limit: Each robot will have a maximum of 5 minutes to reach the finish line.

4. Execution: Robots will be placed at the start line. Basic score will be seconds of time required to pass the finish line.

5. Scoring: Robot with the lowest score wins the contest. Score can be lowered if any of the following apply:

  • Robot has only two feet, subtract 60 seconds from the score.
  • Robot passes the finish line, turns around and returns to the start line, divide score by 4.
  • Robot stops at finish line, subtract 60 seconds from the score