Find the Blob in the Hall Contest Rules

Find the Blob in the Hall Contest Rules – 3 Blob Version

1.     Autonomous  robots only

2.     Robot builder can choose his own objects to locate in the hall

a.     Objects will be placed by the judges at least 2 meters apart

                                                              i.      Objects will not be placed in a straight line

3.     There is no limit on the type or size of robot

4.     Scoring shall be determined by a 3 judge panel

5.     Objects to be located must be stationary

a.     Objects may emit a signal to be tracked by the robot UV, IR etc.

                                                              i.      If in the opinion of the judges the objects are annoying, hazardous or offensive the robot will be disqualified and Walter and Bill will want to talk to you

6.     Scoring for the robot is as follows

a.     Walker homemade 15 pts.

b.     Rolling base homemade 10 pts.

c.      Walker built from kit 8 pts.

d.     Roller with purchased base, including hacked toys and RC cars 6 pts.

e.     Robots built from kits, this includes Lego, Vex etc. 4 pts.

f.       Purchased walking robot 3 pts.

g.     Purchased rolling robot 0 pts.

h.     Up to 5 additional points maybe awarded if the judges decide the robot exhibits engineering excellence

7.     Place robot on the floor a minimum of 10 meters from your closest object

a.     Start robot from behind a screen 10 pts.

                                                              i.      Screen provided Elmer’s Trifold Display Board approx. 100 x 91 cm

                                                            ii.      You may start behind your own screen if in the opinion of the judges it adequately obscures the robots sensors

                                                          iii.      Knocking down the screen will have a -5 point penalty and no points will be awarded for choosing to start behind the screen

b.     Start robot so its sensor does not point at the object (no screen) 5 pts.

c.      Point the robots sensor at the object 0 pts.

8.     A signal indicating robot has reached each of the objects 5 pts. each

9.     Touching or knocking an object over -5 pts.

a.     Note: you want to demonstrate control and approaching without touching the object is the best way I could come up with to display that.

10.                         Points for being close to the objects are given by this equation: p = (-d/2) + 20

a.     p is points awarded and d is the distance in cm from the object

                                                              i.      d is the integer value of the distance i.e. If the robot is 5.7cm form the object d = 5 therefore p = 17.5

                                                            ii.      Maximum points 20  per object ( minimum d integer value is 0 cm)

                                                          iii.      Minimum points is 0 at 40 cm or greater

11.                         Return at least within 1 meter of starting position 10 pts.

12.                         Maximum time allowed 10 minutes

13.                         Time will be kept but only used in case there is a tie in points the winner being the minimum time

14.                         Each contestant will be allowed up to 3 attempts