Meeting Minutes May 11, 2013

Meeting Date: 
Saturday, May 11, 2013

Robotics Society of Southern CA Meeting 5-11-13

CSULB Engineering department building, 302

Minutes : Doug


Class : PID, by Alex

Alex gave a thorough overview of the concepts of PID, and then talked about some changes that he had made based on his experience in control systems. One of these is a feed-forward term, and he also covered some nested PID control topics.

Here is a link to the presentation. Alex corrected the block diagram of the trapezoidal speed generation routine, which is actually simpler than the one he showed during the talk. The code is from the firefighting robot that he used in the contest and is almost identical to the code in Leaf’s microcontroller.



Business Meeting


Upcoming Classes (11:00 – 12:00)

June - Raspberry Pi - Getting it up and Running
July - Raspberry Pi - Using the GPIO


Upcoming Competitions:


June - Hallway Contest (2013 Draft rules for New Hallway navigation contest.doc)

July - Road navigation contest. As proposed by John, a course with parking spots and roads will be created on modular shop floor mats. More details coming soon.




Walter mentioned an article in Robotics Trends where RSSC had participation. You can read about it here.

Martin mentioned the RCX expo, where he is hosting an antweight robot combat contest. For more information, see and the e-mail posting here : ( )



Walking Contest


Rules - See this link




Jim 4 by Jim 6, by Jim


Lady Stryker, by Martin


Escape, by Ron


Lego, by James


Nicola, by Walter


Woody, by Doug


Son of Dan, by Dan





First Place : Dan, for entry "Son of Dan". Dan received the Zumo Robot Kit, donated by Pololu. Thank you Pololu for the wonderful donation!


Second Place : Jim with Jim 4

Third Place : Ron with Escape





Show and Tell



Martin showed a game that consisted of two robot lightsabers controlled by arms made of 4 robotis servos, a CM-900 board, and a Wii Nunchuck. The goal is to knock of your opponents dolphins or skunks, or whatever stuffed animals you prefer.



Bill showed the BeagleBone Black. It's a $45, 1 GHz CPU, 512k mem with HDMI, USB, Ethernet, 92 IO pins (including ADC) . You can program it as a linux machine with a monitor and keyboard, or you can connect it to your computer and program it through your web browser. You can read all about it here : . It has several advantages over a Raspberry Pi for only slightly more money.



Carl showed an Arduino Uno with a Wifi shield controlling a servo. The servo can be operated over the internet. You can see more about his project for tele-operated toys at



Sergei demonstrated some C# code that he had written/modified for PID loop visualization.

You can download his code here : File 1 - (192K), File 2 - (346K)



John showed an aluminum Raspberry Pi enclosure that was manufactured locally (in Temple City area, I believe). Unfortunately I misplaced the link. Cost was around $35. For additional info please try asking on the mailing list.