Table of Contents

         by Wendy Griffin

          Part One - The Research

1)    The Roots of Feminist Spirituality
                by Cynthia Eller

2)    Woven Apart and Weaving Together:
          Conflict and Mutuality in Feminist and Pagan Communities in Britain
             by  Ann-Marie Gallagher

3)    The Mutable Goddess:
          Particularity and Eclecticism within the Goddess Public
               by Marilyn Gottschall

4)    Crafting the Boundaries: Goddess Narrative as Incantation
               by  Wendy Griffin

5)    False Goddesses:
          Thealogical Reflections on the Patriarchal Cult of Diana, Princess Of Wales
               by Melissa Raphael

6)    High Priestess: Mother, Leader, Teacher
                    by Helen A. Berger

7)    Thriving, Not Simply Surviving:
         Goddess Spirituality and Women’s Recovery from Alcoholism
                by Tanice G. Foltz

8)    Feminist Witchcraft: A Transformatory Politics
                by Susan Greenwood

9)    Healing in Wicca
               by Vivianne Crowley

10)    The Goddess Dances:
           Spirituality and American Women’s Interpretation of Middle Eastern Dance
               by Janice C. Crosby

            Part Two - The Teachings

11)    The Power of Ritual
               by Ruth Rhiannon Barrett

12)    Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood
              by  Vajra Ma

13)    Technicians of the Sacred
              by Layne Redmond

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