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Ch-1: Our Search for Happiness and Self-Actualization

Chapter Overview

Tom G. Stevens PhD
Psychologist/Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach
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Chapter Contents

Where to start our quest for happiness
Characteristics of happy, psychologically healthy people
Your "top goal" in life as a major cause of happiness or unhappiness
Is choosing happiness as a top goal too selfish?
(Re)defining "success," "personal power," and "Happiness IQ"

Research support for the ideas in this book

The "Choose to be Happy" self-development plan
Chapter Epilogue:
Happiness is a measure
of the overall health, growth, and harmony of the entire body and mind.
Happiness also reflects
our perception of the harmony and functioning of the external world.
The biological happiness mechanism has
safeguards against lack of concern about other people
and lack of concern about the future.
To make happiness our ultimate concern in life
is to align our conscious ultimate concern
with the most basic human motives and universal forces.
If we all seek happiness for self and others,
humankind can evolve into a highly integrated organism
that will maximize the happiness for all.
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