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Tom G. Stevens PhD
Psychologist/Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach
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FREE, 100's of pages of self-help personal growth information including COMPLETE COPIES of:


 Dr. Tom Stevens' book: 

You Can Choose To Be Happy:
"Rise Above" Anxiety, Anger, and Depression (with Research Results)  

Book Cover PhotoBased upon 30+ years of clinical experience, personal experience, and research, this book uses many validated methods for increasing control of your happiness, anxiety, anger, and depression; for developing successful relationships; and for managing your time and your life to achieve your goals and satisfy your values.  It is an advanced and detailed self-help book which can be understood by almost anyone.  It can be read for brief methods to solve particular issues or problems; or it can be used as a comprehensive, long-range self-development program for changing your life in significant ways.  Many readers have commented about how this book has helped them make major life changes in even short time periods.

A unique aspect of the book's use for self-development is how it goes hand-in-hand with SHAQ (see below).  SHAQ can be used as a pre-test and a measure of your needs and progress.  SHAQ's results have specific links to self-help material in the book and elsewhere.  SHAQ can help you focus on areas that will have the greatest effect; while the book provides the tips and step-by-step instructions.

Try reading the first 50 pages of the book to get a good overview and start.  Then read the other sections as you find a need or interest.

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Research Identifies a Formula for Happiness and Low Anxiety, Depression, and Anxiety

The Happiness Quotient (HQ) formula correlated .87 with Overall Happinessmaximum possible correlation  = 1.00).      (Go to SHAQ Research and Book Conclusions for more detail)

Dr. Stevens designed the Success and Happiness Questionnaire (SHAQ) based upon the chapters in this book. Each main book factor (such as Positive World View, Internal-External Control, Higher Self, Self-Esteem, Self-Management Skills, Coping Skills, Assertive Conflict Resolution, etc.) was made into a scale of questions.  The whole questionnaire  of all scales is called the Success and Happiness Attributes Questionnaire (SHAQ).  Our research analyzed data on 3,446 people who have completed SHAQ.

The Happiness Quotient (HQ)  is a total score derived from  a combination of key SHAQ scale scores.  Your HQ is based upon factors found to be related to your happiness in a way that is analogous to how your IQ is related to factors of the Intellect.  Our research showed a correlation of 0.865 between the SHAQ scales  based upon the chapters in this book used in finding HQ and people's Overall Happiness scale score. In other words a remarkable 75 % of test takers' overall happiness was accounted for by these scales.  (The overall effect size is the  mathematical square of the correlation.)


The HQ also has moderate to strong correlations with Low Depression, Low Anxiety, Low Depression, Good Relationships, Health, and some measures of Success

The SHAQ scales had moderate to high positive correlations (R) with almost all outcome measures.  SHAQ’s scales had surprisingly high correlations with the emotional outcomes; with Overall Happiness, R = .865; with Low Depression R = .730,  with Low Anxiety R = .675; with Low Anger-Aggression  R = .701.(N = 1123 for all analyses.)  For Relationship Outcomes Scale R = .693; for Health Outcomes Scale R = .816; for Highest Personal Income  R = .486.  For Highest Education Completed R = .458 and for College GPA R = .393. 
==> To view or download a layman's summary of SHAQ's research results, click here.
==> To view or download a research paper summarizing SHAQ's development and research results, click here.


These HQ Factors Are Controllable--You Can Choose To Be Happy and Improve Your HQ

Your HQ values, beliefs, and life skills may be powerful influences on your past, current, and future happiness. These HQ factors are CONTROLLABLE factors and described in detail in Dr. Stevens  book and readings on this web site. You can choose to be happy by improving SHAQ results and recommendations to maximize your future happiness. You will receive your HQ score and more information about HQ when you complete the SHAQ questionnaire (free).


What can you gain from this book?

 Based upon our research evidence and feedback from hundreds of readers, you can learn how to...

  • Find peace and joy. This book is for people who are serious about self-development and being happier.
  • Be more successful reaching your goals and fulfilling your dreams.
  • Develop more intimate and loving relationships.
  • Overcome unhappiness, stress, depression, loneliness, fear, grief, pessimism, shyness, 
    low self-esteem, grief, anxiety, or anger.
  • Improve your self-esteem, confidence, assertiveness, independence, motivation, 
    emotional control, relationships, career planning and success, and/or your emotional intelligence. 
  • Discover and strengthen your natural "Higher Self"--the center of your
    unconditional love, self-worth, and integrity. This is your spiritual core and key source of power.
  • No matter how difficult your past history or current circumstances, striking new insights 
    about the causes of emotions can empower you to "rise above" negative thinking and negative emotions, 
    and you can choose to be happy by choosing the right paths to happiness.
  • Learn positive thinking techniques to replace negative thinking and develop a more positive world view.
  • Learn cognitive therapy, mental control techniques to cope with your emotions and even improve learning and memory.
  • Discover the inner causes of your unhappiness and happiness and develop your inner power.
  • Learn how to find more meaning and spirituality in your life by cultivating mental-spiritual values and effectively setting and meeting goals.
  • Modify your expectations and goals to replace pessimism with optimism and deprivation thinking with abundance thinking.
  • Become more like the exceptionally productive and mentally healthy people Maslow described as having self-actualization.
  • There really are secrets to happiness that we can all apply to our lives.  I have learned so much from my clients, my research, and my own life about how to be happy that one of my top goals is to pass these secrets freely on to you.  I wish you a happy life!

If you want to maximize your own and others' happiness, try this book. 

The complete on-line version is free here.

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Success and Happiness Attributes Questionnaire (SHAQ)  to assess self on many factors  including HQ-Happiness Quotient 

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