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Ch-4: Create a Positive World by Adopting a Positive World View

Tom G. Stevens PhD
Psychologist/Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach
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From You Can Choose To Be Happy,  Tom G. Stevens PhD
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Chapter Overview

Chapter Contents:
We live more in an inner than outer world--our mental models 
Underlying causes of negative or positive thinking--our world views 

How do we deal with "the dark side" of life and our greatest fears? 

What if I feel that life has not been fair to me--deficit versus abundance motivation 

How can I develop more positive thinking and feel happier each day?


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Chapter Epilog:
Our internal world models color everything we perceive, think, and do.
Therefore, seeking truth, beauty, love, and creativeness
creates truthful, beautiful, loving, and creative thoughts.
These positive thoughts
will not only create a harmonious, happy internal world;
they will change the external world.


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