PPA 670

Public Policy Analysis

Introduction to the theory and approaches to
policy and a working knowledge of the
skills and techniques involved in its practice


Prof. M. A. Saint-Germain


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Fall 2001 PPA 670 Syllabus



Case Study Presentation Evaluation form
Mid-semester course evaluation form
Policy Issue Examples
Components of a Policy Analysis Paper

Sample Exams:

Sample Papers:

Course Notes:

Session 1:  Introduction to Policy Analysis
Session 2:  Six-Step Policy Analysis
Session 3:  Cross-Cutting Policy Methods
Session 4:  Defining the Problem
Session 5:  Policy Analysis Criteria
Session 6:  Generating Alternatives
Session 7:  Assessing Alternatives
Session 8:  Decisions Rules & Displaying Options
Session 9:  Implementation, Monitoring & Evaluation

Syllabus Bibliography Handouts Sample Exams Sample Papers Notes

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