A Scientific Examination

Physics. A scientific examination of the universe reveals no evolution whatsoever. An
examination of the laws of physics reveals that evolution cannot exist. An examination of the
energy laws reveals that only devolution, the exact opposite of evolution, exclusively exists. An
examination of the biosphere reveals that only life begets life and only with less vitality. The
individual complex organism has the least number and severity of genetic disorders at conception
and the most the instant before death. The individual is the model of its population because a
medical scientific examination of genetic disorders in a population reveals the same pattern.
Furthermore, extinction is permanent for the individual and its population again confirming the
exclusive rule of devolution.

The non viable world.
A scientific examination of the non viable world reveals the same
principles. Nothing evolves, everything devolves. Every object had to be created and it was at its
structural and functional best when brand-new. It progressively devolved to extinction and
eventually a pile of chemicals. The chemicals could never assemble themselves into the object.
Any assembly had to be done by engineering, that is, by planning, organizing, coordinating,
commanding, and controlling. Once anything is created, it cannot change into something else.
Though made of the same chemicals, a train cannot evolve to a ship. "That original organic soup"
cannot evolve to the structural complexity of even one protein.

The living world
. In the world of living organisms, the biosphere, there is balance and
interdependence beyond the intelligence of humans to fully understand. We do know that we
cannot synthetically manufacture our air, water, soil, and foods and live for any extended period
of time. Disruption of the biosphere definitely will cause our permanent extinction and possibly
that of all life forms. If organisms could change to other life forms, then there would be chaos, no
balance, and mass extinction. Organisms must be fixed for mutual survival and trillions of
observations by billions of people over thousands of years attest that all life forms are indeed
fixed. Nothing evolves into anything else. "Early bacteria" evolving to amoebas, a frog changing to
a prince, the dead wood of a marionette changing to a boy are childish fantasies from ancient
vitalism superstitions and fairy tales, not science.

Fantasies. If someone said he had bought a brand-new car the night before and in the
morning found it rusted and rotted to a pile of powder, then we would note that his story
described correctly the direction of the laws of physics but rust and rot do not occur that fast.
Scientists note that such a tall tale is a fantasy. Contrarily, if he says that a pile of sand and iron
ore evolved into a brand-new car, then we recognize this as an inverted fantasy because it is the
exact opposite of the way reality works. So, the evolution story of evolving chemicals to people
is not merely a fantasy, it is an inverted fantasy. It is not the cow-jumped-over-the-moon kind of
tall tale because cows can jump a low fence. It is the grass-ate-the-cow kind of tall tale, the
inverted, upside-down kind of fantasy.

. In summary, evolution does not exist, never has and never will, because it is
an inverted fantasy. Biology exclusively specifies fixed organisms in a balanced and
interdependent biosphere in which all life forms are at their best when brand-new and thereafter
proceed to permanent extinction as individuals and populations. This suggests the creation of the
biosphere as a complex, genetically perfect, global organism by means of the laws of engineering.

As ants cannot comprehend the civil engineering of New York City, so human intelligence
aggregated cannot comprehend the mega macro and nano biological engineering of the biosphere.
To attach the origin and diversity of life to the universe's brainless phantom, evolution, is the
ultimate intellectual insult. That the public schools and universities of the United States of
America should be engaged in such a travesty, not only violates the First Amendment of the
Constitution of the United States of America, but it degrades the realistic thinking ability of
science students to below no science education whatsoever. Teaching the exact opposite of
reality, like a photographic negative, promotes psychosis, not education.
For the scientific evidence for the above summary, see the book, The Rise and Fall of
Evolution, A Scientific Examination,
and the peer reviewed and other articles.