Charles Darwin cut and pasted his ideas about evolution mainly from the
superstitions of 2,300 years earlier. His concept of evolution was based on the
writings of the ancient Greek philosophers Anaximander (611 – 549 B.C.),
Empedocles (490 – 430 B.C.), and Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.). From
Anaximander’s ideas of evolution and devolution, he took only the incorrect
evolution half. He added Empedocles’ erroneous idea that evolution would
aimlessly wander and left out Aristotle’s more correct idea of direction coming
within the organism. He pasted on Aristotle’s foolish idea that changes in the
bodies of parents would be passed on to the children. Even in Aristotle’s time,
everyone knew that if a father lost an arm in warfare, his children born after that
would still have two good arms.

Darwin also pasted in the old vitalism superstition of creating life from non
living things, like maggots from dead meat which Redi disproved in 1665. Darwin
ignored the reproducible experiments of scientists like Francesco Redi (1665),
Louis Pasteur (1864) and John Tyndall (1877) amongst others. Never
overturned, those experiments disproved getting life from non life and proved that
life can beget life. Darwin also pasted in the scientifically disgraced ideas of
Lamarck (1744-1829) that if the neck of a giraffe is stretched it will get longer,
be passed on to the children as Aristotle erroneously said.

Dr. Joseph Lister progressed the science of Pasteur and saved many lives.
Darwin retrogressed with evolution superstitions that supported slavery and the
evolutionist dictator wars of the 20th century that cost 189 million lives. Choosing
lethal superstitions instead of science qualified Charles Darwin as an antiscientist.