CSULB Wetlands Ecology Lab

Tijuana Estuary

Faces of CSULB Wetlands Ecology Lab !

Dr. Christine Whitcraft, PI
Photo of Christine at sea

Christine is a professor at CSULB who came here via Williams College, Scripps Institution of Oceanography (PhD), San Francisco State University and San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve (post-doc). She is also the Director of the Environmental Science and Policy program at CSULB. Wetland ecology provides an opportunity for Christine to have a job and be outside at the same time! Additional publication information available on CV.

Current Graduate Students


Amanda Martinez

Amanda is a 4th year graduate student, studying food availability for the CA least tern in coastal and freshwater locations. Her undergraduate degree was from CSULB.


adult tern

                      in water

Sebastian Garcia

Sebastian is a 2nd year graduate student, researching the fish communities in estuarine marine protected areas throughout California.  His undergraduate degree was from UC Davis.

halibut being measured

student in
                      front of tamarisk

Anita Arenas

Anita is a 2nd year graduate student, studying the impact of various non-native plants including tamarisk and yellow flag iris in southern California salt marshes..  Her undergraduate degree was from CSULB.

                      flag iris

student sitting in

Alyssa Taylor

Alyssa is a 1st year graduate student, studying restoration of the fish community following oyster and eelgrass restoration in Newport Bay  Her undergraduate degree was from Elizabethtown College.

oyster bed UNB

Jess holding a

Jess Burton

Jess is a 1st year graduate student, studying raft use in the federally endangered light-footed Ridgway rail. 

bird sitting
                      on water edge

Current Undergraduate Students

david at

David Boehmer

David is studying the how vegetation influences nesting success of the CA least tern and feeding behavior of the Light-footed Ridgway's Rail.

david at Los cerritos
daniella at

Daniella Gavriel

Daniella is studying the impact of oyster restoration on fish and invertebrates.

                      in oyster bed

place holder worm

Sal Gutierrez

Sal is studying the influence of substrate type on settlement of oysters as part of ongoing restoration projects.

oyster beds at low tide

place holder worm

Ynez Diaz

Ynez is studying the recovery of plants and birds on a sediment augmentation project.

mud spraying onto marsh