CSULB Wetlands Ecology Lab

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Contacting the CSULB Wetlands Ecology Lab

Undergraduate students: Positions are available for undergraduate students to conduct independent research in the laboratory, both on their own and as assistants to graduate students.

Graduate students:  Positions are available for graduate students with a wide range of backgrounds including environmental science, ecology, biology, marine biology, and oceanography.  For application information, see the Biology Department Graduate Admissions page

Students in my classes:  I teach a variety of upper division classes in the Biology Department including Plant Ecology (BIOL 450), Wetland Ecology (BIOL 451), Conservation Biology (BIOL 459), and General Ecology (BIOL 350).
If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please email Dr. Whitcraft at christine.whitcraft@csulb.edu.

students in Plant Ecology