CSULB Wetlands Ecology Lab

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Contacting the CSULB Wetlands Ecology Lab

Undergraduate students: Positions are available for undergraduate students to conduct independent research in the laboratory, both on their own and as assistants to graduate students. If you are interested in these opportunities, please email Dr. Whitcraft at christine.whitcraft@csulb.edu.

Graduate students:  Positions are available for graduate students with a wide range of backgrounds including environmental science, ecology, biology, marine biology, and oceanography. I accept students who are enthusiastic about working within my project areas (See Research page). 

I try to support graduate students with research assistantships, and the Biological Sciences Department has fellowship opportunities for students with exceptional academic records. For specific application information, see the Biology Department Graduate Admissions page

For general interest in joining the lab, please email me a resume or CV and a short paragraph describing your academic and professional goals, your background, and why you are interested in joining our lab.


students in Plant Ecology