Nanoelectronics Group
Department of Physics and Astronomy
California State University, Long Beach

Fabrication Facilities

If you are interested in using the Scanning Electron Microscope at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics please contact Prof. Ojeda-Aristizabal and download the files below

  • QUANTA 200 SOP

  • Laboratory for Electron and X-Ray Instrumentation at UCI: LEXI

    Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility at UCI: INRF

    Angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy ARPES

    ARPES measurements are performed at the Advanced light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab ALS


    ARPES measurements are performed in collaboration with the Lanzara research group at UC Berkeley

    Experiments on Na2IrO3 and RuCl3 are performed thanks to high quality crystals provided by the Analytis research group at UC Berkeley

    Exciting experiments on strained graphene are performed in collaboration with the Qin Zhou research group at the University of Nebraska Lincoln

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