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Syllabi and assignments for the courses below can be found on BeachBoard.

Teaching assignment

  • Chair of the department
    Due to my appointment as chair of the department I only teach PHYS 496, 691, 697 or 698 classes at this time. Thus, I continue working with students on research projects and welcome new Master's and undergraduate students who wish to expand their knowledge in theoretical condensed matter physics. Contact me!

Previous Teaching:

  • PHYS-698: Thesis.
  • PHYS-697: Directed Research.
  • PHYS-691: Directed Study.
  • PHYS-560A: Mathematical Methods in Physics.
  • PHYS-569/470: Introduction to Solid State Physics.
  • PHYS-595/495: Coordinator of the Colloquium.
  • PHYS-562: Advanced Computational Physics.
  • PHYS-496: Special Problems in Physics.
  • PHYS-360: Physics with Symbolic Algebra Software.
  • PHYS-151: Mechanics & Heat course.
  • PHYS-151: Mechanics & Heat laboratory.
  • PHYS-320: Thermodynamics.
  • PHYS-100A: General Physics (part of the course only).

Statement on the Furlough (2009-2010)