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If you wish to participate in our projects contact me by e-mail, phone (562-985-8616), or stop by my office in the Hall of Science (HSCI-220a). We can discuss your interests and what opportunities are available.

We welcome undergraduate and graduate students willing to engage in the fascinating world of physics research.

Present members

Andreas Bill, Professor of Physics, Department Chair
   Dr.rer.nat. (Ph.D.), University of Stuttgart, Germany (1995).
   Diploma, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL),
                   Switzerland, (1989).
   Curriculum Vitae (pdf), Publications


    Masters students:
  • Cristian Garcia (MS)
  • Felipe Kosareff (MS)
  • Mark Malabanan (MS)
  • Kaeden Russell (MS)

    Undergraduate students:
  • Maria Maalouf (UG)
  • Mathew Maldonado (Honors UG)

Picture of Andreas Bill's (partial) group 2023

Past members

Graduate students:

Students with a date next to their name have done their research based MS thesis in the group.

  • Fanuel Mendez - 2023
    Ph.D. student at Indiana University Bloomington.
  • Laura Tandy - 2023
  • Trevor Bowman - 2021
  • Nicholas Werner - 2021 (Dean's list of excellence)
    Software engineer at BrightScope
    Co-founder of Haptic Software.
  • Christopher Burgess - 2020
  • Renyu Wang - 2019
    Ph.D. student at UC Riverside.
  • Dr. Alberto Garcia - 2018 (Dean's list of excellence)
    Ph.D., The Ohio State University (OH).
  • Travis Thompson, Semester & summer projects (MS with E. Tapavicza)
    Software engineer at The Aerospace Corporation (CA).
  • Brendan Chan - 2017
    Data Science at General Assembly
    Software Engineer at EMCORE Corporation
  • Dr. Luis Leal - 2016
    Ph.D. student at the Univ of Rochester (NY).
    Postdoctoral Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Lab.
  • Raphael Monroy.
    Summer & semester project - 2015.
    Ph.D. student at the Univ. of Pittsburg
  • George Wang - 2015
    Ph.D. student at Univ of New Mexico, Albuquerque (NM).
  • James Brugger.
    Semester & summer projects - 2014. comprehensive exam (2016).
    Senior Electronic technician at Caltech.
  • Adam K. Moke - 2013 (Dean's list of excellence)
    Epic Systems, Madison (WI).
  • Hamed Sadeghi - 2013
    Computer Science MS at USC, 2018.
    Assistant Prof. at Sharif Univ. of Technology, Iran Software engineer, Iran.
  • Dr. Thomas E. Baker - 2012 (Dean's list of excellence)
    Ph.D. UC Irvine, 2017.
    Assistant Professor, University of Victoria, Canada
  • Kimberly S. Lokovic - 2011
    Optical engineer at PsiQuantum, San Francisco (CA).
  • Dr. Julius de Rojas - 2011
    Ph.D., UC Davis, 2018.
    Assistant Professor, Oklahoma State Univ.
  • Adam Richie-Halford - 2010 (Dean's list of excellence)
    Ph.D. Univ. of Washington (WA), 2020
    Now Data Science Postdoctoral Fellow in Neuroimaging.
  • Anthony Teran - 2010
    MS in Medical Physics, SDSU 2013
    Medical Physicist at Loma Linda University Medical Center
  • Nicholas Squires - semester projects 2006, 2007,
    Master's 2009 (comprehensive exam).
    Head of Engineering, Kara
    Founder Modeselekt, LLC. Co-Founder at Blueprint Power

Undergraduate students:

  • Nicholas Werner, Summer & semester research 2017.
  • Jacquelinne Mejia-Sandoval - Honors Student 2017.
  • Jaylen Wimbish - Summer project 2015.
  • Maribel Campos - Winter, semester and summer project 2012.
  • Ovidiu Icreverzi - summer project 2011 and semester project Fall 2012. Now in Medical Physics at Kaiser Permanente.
  • Adrien Atallah - summer project 2011. Now at SDSU.
  • Frederick Blumenthal - semester & summer project 2010 and continuing project. Now at University of Heidelberg (Germany)
  • Matthew Byrne - Undegraduate winter project 2010. Now in the group of Dr. Gredig.
  • Lara Mitchell - Undergraduate semester and summer projects 2009. Now at CSU San Jose.
  • Anthony Hartman - Undergraduate winter project 2009.
  • Charlton Thayn - Undergraduate winter and summer project 2008. Now at Firestone.
  • Eren Karadayi - Undergraduate summer project 2007,
    now private teacher,
  • Jason Alvarez - Undergraduate winter project 2007.
  • Kevin Harness - Undergraduate semester and summer projects 2006,
    now Master student in Computer Science (CSULB).