Facilities: Gredig Lab: Hall of Science

Group members can schedule instruments, see maintenance, operating procedures, and trouble-shooting at beach77.com/gwiki.
instrument image of Hitachi UH4150 Spectrophotometer
Hitachi UH4150 Spectrophotometer

Hitachi UH4150 Spectrophotometer

instrument image of Park AFM XE7
Park AFM XE7

Park Atomic Force Microscope XE7

instrument image of Thermal Evaporator
Thermal Evaporator

Thermal Evaporator NTE-3000 for molecular thin film deposition with variable temperature stage

instrument image of Plasma Etcher
Plasma Etcher

PE-25 Series Plasma Etcher

instrument image of Cypher AFM
Cypher AFM

Cypher Atomic Force Microscope for surface analysis.

instrument image of Sputter Coater
Sputter Coater

The sputter coater can deposit thin films of Cr, Au, Pt, and Al.