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Meet the students supported by projects under my supervision.

Maria El Asmar

MSc (Civil Engineering), 2022 || Transportation Engineer

I am currently finishing my master's degree in transportation Engineering and expected to graduate in Spring 2022. I have completed my bachelor's degree in 2017 in Civil Engineering in the Lebanese University in Lebanon with a structure and public works emphasis, and then decided to pursue my master's degree in CSULB. I am working with Dr. Shadi Saadeh on multiple projects, as an assistant researcher in conducting the sensitivity analysis of the IDEAL-CT test using the DEM method and the PFC2D software, also I assist him in some of his undergraduate course such as CE 428 and CE427.

I also serve as an assistant technician in the JTCP lab helping the instructor, preparing samples, and managing the laboratory needs. During this last year, I have gained a handful of experience in both industry works and academia and hopefully will be able to put my apprenticeship to use in the upcoming challenges that I am eager to overcome.

Uravi Vijay Donde

MS in Civil Engineering with Construction Management

I'm pursuing my Master's in Civil Engineering with Construction Management specialisation from CSULB. I have always had an interest in the Management aspect of things, so my role as a JTCP program coordinator for CalTrans at CSULB not only hones my skills but also fuels my passion.

I couldn't have asked for a better start to my professional career in the United States. I look forward to learning new things every day, both personally and professionally.

Meetsingh Udaypratap Singh

MSc (Civil Engineering)

I’m a graduate student in CSULB (California state university, Long Beach) in civil engineering with emphasis in transportation. I have also worked as Highway engineer in India for two years under NHAI(Nation highway Authority of India) project and skill my self as a site engineer. Currently I’m working under Dr. Shadi Saadeh as a Graduate Assistant for JTCP( Joint Training and Certification Program).

I like to do sketching in free time and love to travel new places.

Annie Nguyen

MSc Civil Engineering, May 2021 || Lab Technician, JTCP

I received both a BS and MS in Civil Engineering, with a focus in transportation, from California State University, Long Beach. I am striving to continue my career in the transportation field and explore the many opportunities I come across. I have the great opportunity of working under Dr. Saadeh as a JTCP Lab Technician.

I see this as one of the first steps towards my future in the transportation field.

Chirag Jotava

MSc (Civil Engineering)

I am an international student pursuing first year of MS in civil engineering, specialized in Construction Management at California State University, Long Beach. My areas of interest are commercial and residential construction and real estate.

Abhilash Reddy Gujjula

Masters in Transportation and Geotechnical Engineering

I have 3.5years of mixed experience as Civil Quantity Surveyor and structural engineer, I’m currently pursuing Masters in Transportation and Geotechnical engineering at California state university Long Beach, and expected to graduate by spring 2022 and I’m working under Dr.Shadi saadeh as a Lab Assistant at JTCP(CALTRANS). Where, I gained experience with preparation of all material samples and some testings of soil and HMA.

Pritam Katawal

MS (Civil Engineering), Expected Fall 2021 || EIT || Research Assistant/Lab Technician, JTCP

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal, and currently pursuing my Master’s in Civil Engineering at CSULB. I got an opportunity to work as a research assistant on some research projects related to performance testing of modified HMA under the supervision of Dr. Shadi.

This opportunity enabled me to learn and explore many things. Similarly, working as a lab technician in JTCP helped me learn more about the different test methods adapted by CALTRANS and allowed me to know and interact with many people from the transportation industry.

Anudit Verma

MS (Computer Sci.), Spring 2021 || Student Technician and Web Developer, JTCP

I completed my Master of Science in Computer Science from CSULB in Spring 2021. I am a Full Stack Software Developer, Designer, Mentor, Open-Source Evangelist and a Community Enabler. I am a seasoned Ethical Hacker who loves to participate in various local & global hackathons. Also, I have been organizing and mentoring a few of them.

I worked under Prof Shadi as a Web Developer for JTCP Website. I worked on migrating the JTCP and this website to the new CSULB Server. I feel grateful that I was able to get the exposure to work on a real-world project that is impacting thousands of lives in California.

Amber Ajluni

English Teacher & Salsa Dancer

I teach English at several different community colleges in Los Angeles and Orange County. I am also a salsa dancer and perform with a team. When I was in the graduate school, Dr. Shade Saadeh hired me to edit some documents for a project that we were working on.

I am an English teacher by day, salsa dancer by night; I not judging your grammar but will help you with it if you ask nicely.

Avinash Ralla

MSc 2017 || Transportation Engineer at Caltrans

I am a dedicated and ardent civil engineer. I completed my Master's degree in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Transportation from California State University, Long Beach. I like to spend time with family and friends. Currently, I am working as a Transportation Engineer at the Caltrans District 3 office.

Bahar Bandegan

Program Coordinator, JTCP

I received my first Master’s degree in Computer Science from Germany and now at CSULB, I'm pursuing my second graduate degree in Transportation Engineering. I love challenging positions at an organization to offer my knowledge in Computer Science and Transportation Engineering.

In my spare time, I am likely to be found dancing or swimming.

Ganesh Mohanchandran

MSc, 2010 || Transport Analyst at Pink City Expressway Private Limited

Hamed Hakimelahi

MSc (Civil Engineering), 2013 || Professional Engineer, Brown & Caldwell, Portland, OR

I am a professional engineer. I received my Master's degree from CSULB in 2013. I have worked with Dr Saadeh as a research assistant and have published several papers on fracture properties of asphalt mixtures, with his support and guidance. As of now, I am working as Professional Engineer at Brown & Caldwell.

Hooman Jalaie

MSc, 2013 || EIT || Transportation Designer at Moffatt & Nichol

I serve as a designer for various public and private sector infrastructure improvement projects. This experience includes grading, drainage, site development, and highway design. I am highly skilled in Autodesk modeling programs such as Civil 3D and Infraworks. My direct experience on Caltrans and local agency projects that involve highway design and highway drainage have made me conversant with standards associated with AASHTO, and the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

In addition, I recently served as a Construction Field Engineer for a $1.2B Orange County Transportation Authority’s Design-Build I-405 Improvement Project, and through this experience, gained knowledge of design plan constructability review, quantity tracking, change order estimates, and maintenance of project schedules.

Ignasius Parlindungan

MSc, 2009 || P.Eng., P.E. || Structural Engineer, Vancouver, Canada

I specialize in reviewing glazing systems, steel studs, claddings and decks. Throughout my career, I have contributed to the design of a variety of projects ranging from concrete, steel, and wood to light gauge steel framing in industrial and commercial structures. My experience as a structural engineer in both British Columbia and California has provided me with an in-depth understanding of seismic restraint, spatial structure, and building foundations.

Jacob Dethero

MS (Civil Engineering) || Transportation Engineer, Caltrans

I hold, both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, in Civil Engineering from California State University, Long Beach. While at CSULB, I specialized in transportation engineering, with an emphasis in transportation materials. I also worked as the Lab Technician for the JTCP Lab at CSULB.

I am currently employed as a Transportation Engineer at the CaltransDistrict 2 headquarters.

Maryam M. Hosseini

MS (Civil Engineering), Expected Spring 2019 || CMIT

I had my first on-campus job as a master's student in Construction Engineering Management at CSULB by being a team member of JTCP in a lab. Although it was a short period of time, I really enjoyed the time with the great team.

I am currently working with a General Contractor as a Project Engineer Intern, but hope that I can continue the coordination with JTCP and stay in touch so I can deal with new challenges every day and try my best to make a positive impact.

Michael Plotnik

MSc, 2013 || TE || City Traffic Engineer at City of La Habra, Fullerton, California

I received both bachelor's and master's degree (with a focus on Transportation and Construction Management) in Civil Engineering from California State University, Long Beach. I'm currently the City Traffic Engineer for the City of La Habra.

Michelle Wang

BFA (Animation), May 2018 || Program Coordinator, JTCP

I am currently working part-time as one of the program coordinators for Caltrans' Joint Training & Certification Program. I graduated with a BFA degree in Animation as of May 2018 and I'm presently taking individual courses in computer animation to further educate myself.

I'm is also a freelance graphic designer, creating ads for social media and marketing collateral. In the near future, I aspire to obtain a career in the gaming industry and create 3-D models, textures and lighting in order to bring art to life.

Nezar Ayoub

BS (Civil Engineering), Expected Fall 2019

I am currently finishing my undergraduate degree at CSULB, where my emphasis is in structural engineering. Along with my ongoing degree, I work as a Lab Technician for the Joint Training & Certification Program by Caltrans and CSULB, under Dr. Shadi Saadeh. I get to assist the lab work regularly and therefore, have received intensive hand-on expereience in the Highway Lab at CSULB.

In the upcoming summer, I am planning to take the FE exam and am eager to gain an internship to apply my knowledge, to a hands-on and professional setting.

Omer A Kh. Eljairi

MS (Civil Engineering), 2011 || Project Engineer, Swinerton Builders

I received my BS in Civil Engineering from Sirte University (2005), Libya. Then I went on to get my MS in Civil Engineering CSULB in 2011. I was working with Dr. Shadi Saadeh on my Ph.D. in Civil Engineering at the joint program between CSULB and CGU. I was also a former part-time lecturer at CSULB, where I taught CE 205 &CE 359.

I have worked with Dr. Shadi Saadeh on several projects and carried on research work with his support for several of my academic years. I am currently working as a Project Engineer at Swinerton Builders.

Priya M Joseph

MS (Computer Sci.), Fall 2020 || Student Technician and Web Developer, JTCP

I am pursuing my Master's in Computer Science from CSULB. I was previously working with an MNC as a senior software developer. Now , my fields of interests includes Machine Learning and Data Science.

I now work as a Web developer and student technician for JTCP. This gave me an oppourtunity to be a part of a great team and also aided me in keeping my knowledge updated with current technological trends.

Rachayita Giri

MS (Computer Sci.), Fall 2019 || Student Technician and Web Developer, JTCP

I graduated with a B.Tech degree in Information Technology from IGDTUW, Delhi, India, in 2017. Currently, I am pursuing my Master's in Computer Science from CSULB. I have been actively working on projects related to Machine/Deep Learning, in the context of social problems. Previously, I have accomplished some research work in the field of Natural Language Processing.

For the JTCP program, under Dr. Saadeh, I work as the Student Technician and Web Developer. I am also the developer of this current website.

Rohit Ranga Prasad

MS (Civil Engineering; CEM Specialization), Spring 2019 || Lab Technician, JTCP

I am currently pursuing my Master's in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Construction Engineering Management (CEM). I have previously worked and gained experience as a Site Engineer in India, as a Quantity Surveyor in UAE, and as a Construction Intern in USA.

I also work as the Lab Technician at the Joint Training & Certification Program by Caltrans and CSULB, where I benefit from the multicultural and professional experience gained from working in different countries in this field.

Rushi Jash

MS (Computer Science), Fall 2018 | Web Developer, JTCP

I have worked on Dr. Shadi's Joint Training & Certification Program (JTCP Project) from Fall 2016 to Fall 2018. I strongly believe that building Dr. Shadi's JTCP website: taking it from 'Concept' to 'Something thousands of users can use' while earning Masters degree in Computer Science helped me become an accomplished engineer.

Rushabh Lunkad

MS (Civil Engineering), Spring 2019 || Project Engineer, LA

I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Civil Engineering at CSULB. I came in contact with Dr. Shadi Saadeh when he hired me to work for the JTCP labs as a Lab Technician. In the brief time I assisted the labs in the JTCP labs, I gained a lot of hands-on expreience working with the vast variety of equipment in the Highway Lab.

I have a prior experience as a Field Engineer, and presently I work as a Project Engineer in Los Angeles, California.

Sebastian Melendez Flores

BS (Civil Engineering), Expected Fall 2018

I am young and motivated to grow in the field of engineering. I have a previously had experience with submittals and project bidding as well as direct and indirect cost analysis, project planning, field supervision, and I enjoy working with a team.

I have also worked as a Lab Technician and assisted with the day-to-day working of the JTCP labs at CSLUB.

Sophea Ek

MSc, California State University, Long Beach, 2012 || County of LA

I am and have been a proud Go Beach! alumnus, graduated with a Master in Civil Engineering with the emphasis on Pavement Engineering. Thus far in my Civil Engineering career, I have been fortunate to be involved in the design and rehabilitation of multiple storm water, wastewater and flood control infrastructures, and public streets and highways. Currently, I am with the City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Engineering, and I have been tasked to manage the construction of major wastewater improvement and rehabilitation projects.

Umang Mutha

MS (Civil Engineering), Spring 2019 || Scheduler, GC

I have three years of experience in the construction Industry, along with the experience of working in different positions like site engineer, Project Coordinator, Assist. Construction Manager. At present I am working as Scheduler for GC. I can work effectively within deadlines in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. I have profound knowledge of different phases of construction. Expertise in scheduling (P6, MS Project), Drafting, Cost tracking, Cost control, handling clients. I am skilled in leadership, problem-solving and multitasking.

Vipin Shaji

MS (Civil Engineering), Expected Spring 2019 || EIT, CMIT || Lab Technician, JTCP

I have an xperience of over a year as a Field Engineer. I currently work at the JTCP lab at CSULB as a Lab Technician, to carry out and help with the lab work, which gives me intensive hands-on experience and knowledge about the standard tests and equipment. I am a Master's candidate in Civil Engineering at CSULB. I like to address challenges facing construction sites and constantly learning new skills and resources on the job to better serve colleagues, clients, and employers.

Yagnik Patel

MS (Civil Engineering), Expected Fall 2018 || Lab Technician, JTCP

I am a Certified CMIT (Construction Manager in Training) and an experienced Junior Site Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the construction industry. Professional skills in Field Supervision, Legal aspects of contracting, Construction Safety Management, Project Planning, Civil Engineers, and Program Management.

Yazan Ahmad Al-Zubi

MS (Civil Engineering), Expected Spring 2019 || Lab Technician, JTCP

I am a Master's student at CSULB, majoring in Civil Engineering. My fields of interest include Transportation and Planning. I have worked in Saudi Arabia as a site engineer before coming to the USA, and gained extensive on-site experience. I worked on multiple projects like SCB test modeling, fully permeable pavement design, and currently I work as a Lab Technician at the JTCP lab at CSULB. I enjoy challenges that help me evolve and become better.