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My Cultural Background

I was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan, where I spent the most wonderful years of my childhood life and created memories that I cherished the most to this date. Taiwan is an island that is often time under-appreciated by lots of people. It is home to various spectacular wild life that remain hidden even from the natives. Taiwanese people have the most warmth and enthusiasm in welcoming new culture and people. Needless to say, the food is outrageously delicious and internationally known for its uniqueness.


Creating a culinary delicacy from scratch is a phenomenal sense of accomplishment. It is better than solving a math problem at times, because you get to taste the joy and spread the fun almost immediately. I enjoy sharing my food so much that I have started a small catering business called Square Bean that specializes desserts and cakes. Like us on our Facebook Page and follow us with our customized creations. Here is a list of sharable recipes from my home kitchen.


The best way to learn and explore diverse cultures is to travel and pretend to be a local. No matter how much you read about something in a book or learn from a class, there is no better way to truly appreciate a culture than to immerse yourself in it. This loosely justifies for my passion and need to get out and get lost.


I am an amateur photographer who enjoys using the minimum to capture the world from my perspective. This minimalist-point-of-view kind of defines who I am and this is why I don't like to accumulate "stuff", whether it is virtual or physical. Feel free to check out some of my featured albums: Antelope Canyon; Paris; Death Valley; Special Celebration; Pre-Wedding.

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