Maxima by Example, Ch. 13: 2D Plots and Graphics using qdraw and wxqdraw

Ted Woollett

Chapter 13 presents many examples which use qdraw.mac, an interface to Maxima's draw2d function (or to the wxdraw2d function). Either qdraw(...) or wxqdraw(...) provides much quicker access to many features of draw2d, with default plot properties of interest to users from the physical sciences and engineering. (This chapter is the old chapter 5.) This April, 2018 update includes examples of using a new function wxqdraw, which calls wxdraw2d, and provides inline plots when using the wxMaxima interface. wxqdraw(...) has the same syntax as qdraw(...). Another new function is wxqdensity, which has the same syntax as qdensity.
  1. --mbe13qdraw.pdf : April 16, 2018, Maxima 5.36.1, 62 pages
  2. --mbe13qdraw.tex : April 16, 2018, Latex code file
  3. --qdraw.mac : A Graphics Interface to draw2d: April 16, 2018, Maxima 5.36.1
  4. --wxqdraw.wxm : Examples Using wxqdraw in wxMaxima: April 16, 2018, Maxima 5.36.1
  5. --qdrawcode.txt : Copy and Paste Code: April 16, 2018, Maxima 5.36.1
  6. --faithful.dat : Old Faithful Geyser data file
  7. --fit1.dat : Data File
  8. --fit2.dat : Data File

Chapter 13 Topics

  1. qdraw or wxqdraw Syntax Summary
  2. Quick Plots for Explicit Functions: ex(...) and ex1(...)
  3. Parametric plots with para(...)
  4. Polar Plots with polar(...)
  5. Implicit plots with imp(...) and imp1(...)
  6. Contour Plots with contour(...)
  7. Density Plots
  8. Scatterplot Example: Old Faithful Wait Times vs. Eruption Durations
  9. Data Plots, Error Bars, Least Squares Fit
  10. Geometric Figures: line(...)
  11. Geometric Figures: rect(...)
  12. Geometric Figures: poly(...)
  13. Geometric Figures: circle(...) and ellipse(...)
  14. Geometric Figures: vector(..)
  15. Geometric Figures: arrowhead(..)
  16. Greek Letters, Math Symbols, and Adjustable Font Size with Labels
  17. Even More with more(...)
  18. Basic Elements of the draw Program
  19. Programming Homework Exercises

The text file qdraw.mac is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991, as published by the Free Software Foundation. For more information see the license information at the top of the pdf file.