Unit 8

Part I: Listen and Learn 3

Click on the speaker icon of the following sentences and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.
  1. N hu shu shnme wiy?

  2. What foreign language can you speak?
  3. W hu shu ydiar Fy, ksh shu de b ho.

  4. I can speak a little French, but I don't speak it well.
  5. Fgu rn shu hu n tng de dng ma?

  6. (When) French people speak, do you understand?
  7. Yosh shu de m, w tng de dng.

  8. If (they) speak slowly, I can understand.

    Shu de kui, ji tng b dng.
    (They) speak fast, (I) dont' understand.

  9. Fy, 'How do you do?' znme shu?

  10. (In) French, how to say 'How do you do?'
    法語 How do you do? 怎麼說﹖
  11. 'How do you do?' Fy sh 'Bon jour'.

  12. 'How do you do' (in) French is 'Bon jour.
    法語 'How do you do' 'Bon jour.'
  13. N de fyn hn biozhn.

  14. Your pronunciation is very good.
  15. Nl, shu de hi b ho.

  16. No, I don't speak it well yet.

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