Journal Publications

Conference Proceedings

  • B. Bozorgchami and S. Sodagari, "Spectrally Efficient Telemedicine and In-Hospital Patient Data Transfer," IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications, May 2017, Mayo Clinic, USA

  • N. Madani, S. Sodagari, and P. Azmi, "A Distributed Mode Selection Scheme in Cellular-Device to Device Networks," IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC), September 2015, Boston, USA

  • S. Sodagari, "Effects of Imperfect Channel State Information on Null Space Based Cognitive MIMO Communication," IEEE International Conference on Computing, Networking, and Communications, (ICNC) 2015, Anaheim, California, USA

  • S. Sodagari, "Secure Distributed Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Multi Armed Bandits," IEEE Conference on Network Security (CNS) 1st Int'l Workshop on Cognitive radio and electromagnetic spectrum security (CRESS), October 2014, San Francisco, USA

  • S. Amuru, R.Buehrer, R. Tandon, and S. Sodagari, "MIMO Radar Waveform Design to Support Spectrum Sharing," Milcom 2013, San Diego, CA

  • S. Sodagari, C. Shahriar, T Clancy, and R. McGwire, "Performance Impact of Asynchronous Off-tone Jamming Attacks Against OFDM," IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), 2013, Budapest, Hungary

  • S. Sodagari, A. Khawar, T. C. Clancy and R. McGwire, "A Projection Based Approach for Coexistence of Radar and Telecommunication Systems" Globecom 2012, Anaheim, USA

  • S. Sodagari and T. C. Clancy, "Efficient Jamming Attacks on MIMO Channels," IEEE International Conference in Communications (ICC'12), June 12, Ottawa, Canada

  •  C. Shahriar, S. Sodagari, and T. C. Clancy, "Performance of Pilot Jamming on MIMO Channels with Imperfect Synchronization," IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC'12), June 12, Ottawa, Canada

  • (invited) S. Sodagari, and T. C. Clancy, "Preemption and Fairness Dynamics in Heterogeneous DSA Environments," 22ndAnnual IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC '11), Sept. 2011,Toronto, Canada

  • (invited) C. Shahriar, S. Sodagari, and T. C. Clancy, "Physical Layer Security Challenges of DSA-Enabled TD-LTE," ACM 4th International Workshop on Cognitive Radio and Advanced Spectrum Management (CogART'11), Oct. 2011, Barcelona, Spain

  • S. Sodagari and T. C. Clancy, "An Anti-Jamming Strategy for Channel Access in Cognitive Radio Networks," 2ndConference on Decision and Game Theory for Security (gamesec2011), College Park, MD

  • S. Sodagari, A. Attar and S. Bilen, "Strategies to Achieve Truthful Spectrum Auctions for Cognitive Radio Networks Based on Mechanism Design," IEEE Symposia on New Frontiers on Dynamic Spectrum Access Networks (DySpan'10), Singapore

  • S. Sodagari, A. Attar, V. Leung, and S. Bilen, "Time-Optimized and Truthful Dynamic Spectrum Rental Mechanism," IEEE Vehicular Technology Conf. (VTC Fall 2010), Ottawa, Canada

  • S. Sodagari, A. Attar, V. C. Leung, and S. Bilen, "Denial of Service Attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks through Channel Eviction Triggering," IEEE Global Communications Conf. (Globecom'10), Florida, USA

  • S. Sodagari and S. Bilen, "Power-Optimized Cooperative Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks Using Bandit Processes," IEEE Military Communications Conf. (Milcom'10), California, USA

  • S. Sodagari, P. Hesami, and A. Nasiri Avanaki, "Error Concealment in Image Communication Using Data Hiding and Spatial Smoothing," 2nd International Conf. on Computer Engineering and Technology, (ICCET'10), China

  • S. Sodagari, P. Hesami, and A. Nasiri Avanaki, "Error Concealment in Image Communication Using Edge Map and Linear Prediction Residue Watermarking," Proceedings of IEEE Int'l Conference on Image Processing, (ICIP'09), 2009

  • Nasiri Avanaki S. Sodagari, and A. Dianat, "Reduced Reference Image Quality Assessment Metric Using Optimized Parameterized Wavelet Watermarking," Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP'08), Oct. 2008, Beijing, China

  • Nasiri Avanaki A. Dianat, and S. Sodagari, "Optimum Parameter Estimation for  Nonlocal Means Image De-noising Using Corner Information," Proceedings of the 9thInternational Conference on Signal Processing (ICSP'08), Oct. 2008, Beijing, China

  • S. Sodagari, H. Hajimirsadeghi, and A. Nasiri Avanaki, "Watermark Based Automatic Artifact Identification in Image Communication," Proceedings of the International Symposium on Telecommunications (IST'08), Aug. 2008, Tehran, Iran

  • A. Kenarsari, S. Sodagari and A. Nasiri Avanaki, "Hybrid Error Concealment in Image Communication Using Data Hiding and Spatial Redundancy," Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Telecommunications (ICT '08), Jun. 2008, St. Petersburg, Russia

  • M. Rahimi, S. Sodagari and A. Nasiri Avanaki, "Dimension Selective Tensor Compression of Hyperspectral Images," Proceedings of the 2nd Annual IEEE Student Paper Conference (AISPC '08), Feb. 2008, Aalborg, Denmark

  • M. Kayvanrad, S. Sodagari and A. Nasiri Avanaki, "Reduced Reference Watermark Based Image Transmission Quality Metric," Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Communication, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP'08), March 2008, St. Julians, Malta

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