PPA 590

Women & Public Policy

This course explores the relationships between women and contemporary public policy in the U.S.
Topics covered include how public policy is made and women's political roles in the making of
public policy, as well as women's administrative roles in the implementation of public policy.
We will look at current research on whether women have identifiable policy interests, the diversity of
women's policy interests, how those interests are expressed, and whether women's policy interests
differ from men's (e.g., the gender gap in voting and public opinion).  Specific policy topics of interest to
women will be explored, including women's legal rights; work and pay; women's health and health care;
women's educational status; women in the police, military, and justic systems; women and family issues;
and other topics of interest to class participants.

Prof. M. A. Saint-Germain


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Introduction to Public Policy
Models of Public Policy-Making
Environment of Public Policy-Making
The Public Policy Agenda
Alternative Formulation
Resource Allocation (Budgeting)
Implementing Public policy
Evaluating Public Policy
Terminating Public Policies
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