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Askania Werke AG Recording Theodolite-  Bambergwerk, Belin-Friedenau    Ballon Theodolit

This German Recording Pilot Balloon Theodolite is likely early 1940's vintage.  It has two separate telescopes systems, unlike its American or British contemporaries.  This theodolite uses circles with embossing wheels to imprint on paper tape.  It is very similar to a VEB Freiberger recording theodolite in the collection of Wilhelm Heger.  

Photo of the open lid of the Askania recording theodolite showing the embossing circles.
photo of an Askania recording pibal theodolite photo of an Askania recording pilot balloon theodolite

The embossing circle recording theodolite design was continued with the Rosenhagen theodolite.  Other mechanical recording designs used drums plotters as in the Dines and Buff and Buff systems and also circular charts as in the Zeiss system.  


Drive Type Friction/Worm Compass No
Display Type Vernier to .1 degree Levels 1, ,  bubble tube
Main Telescope 50 mm 20 x Mounting Three level screws
Finder Telescope 13mm 3x
individual eyepieces
Illumination   1 reticule
Gun Site Yes 1, main telescope Weight 11 kg