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Justus Rosenhagen Recording Balloon Theodolite


This theodolite imported by Kahlsico,of El Cajon Ca. as model 06AM120 was built by Dr. Justus Rosenhagen. In Hamburg.  I am unable to gain more information about it other than speculation from owners that they were purchased in the 1950's and 1960's - but these dates may not be accurate.  

These were built in small numbers. 4 examples (in addition to this one in my collection) are still in use, educating future meteorologists at University of Virginia.

This theodolite reads directly to 5 degrees, however it has an imprinting attachment that imprints on teletype paper rolls (with matching carbon paper rolls) when a lever is rotated. The imprinting is done directly from vertically stacked embossing circles with a central 10 part vernier yielding 1/10th degree resolution. 

The theodolite has a lighting system, and various color filters. It does not have a finder scope.