The Age of the Mother

The Age of the Mother, published in 1992, includes personal experience with the mother and other feminine archetypes, as well as poetry on love, loss, death, mayhem, hope, faith, and many other subjects, some drawn from American Indian myth, Christian myth, East Indian myth, Greek myth, and many other sources (there are even poems on The Supremes and Aretha Franklin!).  As a unifying image I use a self-created figure, Jesse Rama-Kali, drawn from my first and third books, Jesse Comes Back and Jesse and His Son, both long out of print but available in the library at CSULB.

Some comments about The Age of the Mother:

In these beautifully spare words, Snider weaves personal mantras of birth, death, and transcendence. He announces the return of the Goddess after centuries of patriarchal dominance.
--Glenn Bach, Small Press Review

Out of . . . profound insight and spiritual wisdom he . . . has created an offering, a magnificent poetic vision, a prayer-book for the coming New Age.
--Marilyn Johnson, Pearl

Clifton Snider is a brave man. . . . he is also a shaman, a journeyer, a traveler who sees past and present interleaving and co-existing. . . . These poems touch something deep and almost forgotten so that you have to remember and know as if for the first time.
--Richard Lee, author of As Is and The Circumstances of Birds.

Age of the Mother Front Cover

Snider, Press-Telegram Photo
From the Long Beach Press-Telegram, 2 April 2000, an article
by Theo Douglas about the first Long Beach Poetry Week,
part of the nation-wide Poetry Month.

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