Create Course
Syntax: courseID courseName
Example:  ma112  spring2004_Doe_math213
This uses the file also.

Extract Answers from Webwork Logfile.
Syntax: courseID userName problemNumber setName
Example: demoCourse jdoe 6 Week1

If no arguments are supplied, it will prompt the user for them.

Build Problem Set
Syntax: courseID setDefinitionFile
Example:  ma112  set1.def

Command line version for building problem sets.

Build Problem Set for Many Courses
Syntax:  course-prefix  setDefinitionFile
Example:  ma112_  set1.def
This will build set1 for all courses named: ma112_<anything>

A bash shell script that automates ""

Precreate for Many Courses
Syntax: course-prefix  setDefinitionFile (time, optional)
Example: ma112_  set1.def
This will que up image precreation jobs for each course matching "ma112_*", starting now and staggered by one hour.

A bash shell script that automates ""

Questionnaire Reader

This script parses results generated by the and summarizes them
 into an excel file and an essay file. Further it creates an html file which reproduces the
 original questionnaire together with a histogram of the results for each question.  Each
 question is followed by a sumary of the responses to that question.  The orginal files have
 the format described at the end of this file.

 The the required inputs are the html source of the questionnaire, a file containing all the
 email responses concatenated into one file, and a base file name [e.g. foo] (without an extension)
 for the three output files [the three output files will be e.g. foo.html, foo.xls, and foo.txt].
 Usually this data will be kept on a course by course basis so all email esponses from a single
 course should be saved in one file.

Scan for broken images from precreate

From Dartmouth, handy scripts to make sure all is fine in precreation.