Starship Century

Videos from the 2011 100 Year Starship Symposium at the Arthur C. Clarke Center for Human Imagination at UC San Diego, published by Calit2ube. This symposium was moderated by James and Gregory Benford, the editors of "Starship Century: Toward the Grandest Horizon," published by Microwave Sciences in 2013.

  1. James and Gregory Benford        Starships: Opening Remarks
  2. Peter Schwartz        Starships and the Fates of Humankind
  3. Freeman Dyson        Noah's Ark Eggs & Warm-Blooded Plants
  4. Robert Zubrin        On the Way to Starflight Economics of Interstellar Breakout
  5. Neal Stephenson        Thinking Big
  6. Patti Grace Smith        Developing Near Space
  7. Geoffrey Landis        The Nuclear Rocket Workhorse of the Solar System
  8. Chris Lewicki        The Coming Interplenatery Economy
  9. Panel        The Future of New Space
  10. Adam Crowl        Starship Concepts
  11. James Benford        Sailships
  12. John Cramer        Exotic Paths to the Stars
  13. Ian Crawford        Starship Destinations
  14. Paul Davies        Can We Survive Alien Biospheres?
  15. Jon Lomberg        Becoming Galactic
  16. Panel        Getting to the Target Stars
  17. Fiction Writers' Panel        Envisioning the Starship Era

Freeman Dyson and Gregory Benford, Feb. 2019        Forseeing the Next 35 Years-Where Will We Be in 2054?

Life in the Galaxy 2019        The Search for Life Beyond the Solar System