Rare Earth

These YouTube videos are mainly related to the books:

1. "Extraterrestrials: Where Are They?" edited by Ben Zuckerman and Michael H. Hart, 2nd ed., Cambridge Univ. Press, 1995,

2. "Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe," by Peter D. Ward and Donald Brownlee, Copernicus Books, 2000,

3. "How to Find a Habitable Planet", by James Kasting, 2nd ed. paperback version, Princeton Univ. Press, 2012.

The last few videos discuss dark matter and dark energy.

  1. Our Special Planet: A Cradle for Life        Peter D. Ward, 2014
  2. Rare Earth hypothesis        Wikipedia audio article, 2019
  3. Improbable Life: An Unappealing But Plausible Scenario for Life's Origin on Earth        Edwin Turner, 2015
  4. How Earth's Past Guides NASA's Search for Life        Science Lecture Series, UC Riverside, 2017
  5. Are We Alone?: Our Cosmic Origins        Science Lecture Series, UC Riverside, 2016
  6. Are We Alone?: The Search for Life Beyond the Earth        Professor Ian Morison, 2014
  7. The Fermi Paradox and the Rare Earth Hypothesis        Alphatucana Channel, 2016
  8. The Eerie Silence: Are We Alone in the Universe?        Paul Davies, 2012
  9. Life in the universe: Are We Alone?        Charles Lineweaver, 2017
  10. What are the odds there is life in outer space        Richard Dawkins asks Neil Degrasse Tyson, 2016
  11. The Search for Primitive and Intelligent Life on Other Planets        Abraham Loeb, Harvard Univ., 2018
  12. Astrobiology and the Search for Extraterrestrial Life        Ian Crawford, 2018
  13. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence        Paul Horowitz, 2016
  14. When Will We Find Aliens?        Seth Shostak, 2018
  15. The Fermi Paradox        Seth Shostak, 2016
  16. Is Anyone out There?        Dan Werthimer of the University of California, Berkeley, 2017
  17. Estimating the Chances of Life Out There        Frank Drake, SETI, U. C. Santa Cruz, 2013
  18. Can We Solve Fermi's Paradox?        Duncan Forgan, Event Horizon, 2019
  19. Fermi Paradox: Where are they? A Debate        John Michael Godier and Fraser Cain, 2019
  20. Is Climate Change a Fermi Paradox Great Filter?        Adam Frank, 2018
  21. Catastrophic Impacts in Earth's History        David Morrison, NASA Lunar Science Institute, 2010
  22. Catastrophe 1 of 5 - Birth of the Planet        Pioneer Productions UK, 2012
  23. The Great Debate: EXTINCTIONS, Part 1        Arizona State Univ., 2015
  24. The Great Debate: EXTINCTIONS, Part 2        Arizona State Univ., 2015
  25. Catastrophe 2 of 5 - Snowball Earth        Pioneer Productions UK, 2012
  26. Snowball Earth Lecture 1 - Snowball geology        Curtin Univ., 2016
  27. From Snowball Earth to the Cambrian Explosion        Univ. of Adelaide, 2016
  28. Miracle Planet : Snowball Earth        EvolutionsSolutions, 2011
  29. Catastrophe 3 of 5 - Planet of Fire        Pioneer Productions UK, 2012
  30. Catastrophe 4 of 5 - Asteroid Strike        Pioneer Productions UK, 2012
  31. Catastrophe 5 of 5 - Survival Earth        Pioneer Productions UK, 2012
  32. Deserts in Asia - Destroyers of Civilization Pt. 1        hazards and catastrophes channel, 2017
  33. Is The Earth Rare?        James Kasting, 2015
  34. How to Find a Habitable Planet        James Kasting, 2017
  35. The Undesigned Universe        Peter D. Ward, 2014
  36. Big Think Interview With Peter Ward        bigthink.com, 2012
  37. Dawn: A Journey to the Early Solar System        Lucy McFadden, Goddard Space Flight Center, 2015
  38. Earth's mass extinctions        Peter Ward, 2009
  39. Debate: Creationism vs Evolution        Peter Ward vs Stephen Meyer, 2016
  40. Earth's mass extinction        Peter Ward, 2013
  41. Volcanoes: A Forge for Climate Change        Peter Ward, 2015
  42. How the World Will Really End        Don Brownlee, 2016
  43. Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: The Fate of Stars Like the Sun        Greg Sloan, Space Telescope Sci. Inst., 2018
  44. 100 Ways to "Die" in the Universe        Katey Alatalo of the Space Telescope Science Institute, 2018
  45. Brief Candle in the Dark        Richard Dawkins, 2016
  46. Empty Space Documentary - How Could We Be So Wrong About Something So Familiar?        History Channel, 2015
  47. NASA Astrobiology YouTube Page
  48. Understanding and Enabling the Search for Life on Worlds Near and Far     AbSciCon 2019 Astrobiology Conf.
  49. Dark secrets: The Dawn of Creation: The First 2 Billion Years"        Steven Beckwith, 2008
  50. Dark Secrets: What Science Tells Us about the Hidden Universe        Berkeley Lab Science, 2009
  51. The Dark Universe Through Einstein's Lens        SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, 2013
  52. The Fifth Element: Astronomical...Dark Energy        Scott Tremaine, Institute for Advanced Study, 2016