Maxima by Example, Ch. 11: Fast Fourier Transform Tools

Ted Woollett

Chapter 11 and the software file qfft.mac have been revised and greatly simplified to allow use of the new simplified Maxima package fft.lisp, effective with Maxima ver. 5.19.0, August 2009. The latex code file is made available for the convenience of instructors who would like to incorporate parts of Ch. 11 in their class notes and handouts.

  1. --mbe11fft.pdf : Ch. 11, Fast Fourier Transform Tools, Aug. 13, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0, 28 pages
  2. --mbe11fft.tex : Latex Source Code, Aug. 13, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0
  3. --mbe11code.txt : Copy and Paste Code: Aug. 13, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0
  4. --mbe11toc.txt : Table of Contents: Aug. 13, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0
  5. --qfft.mac : Aug. 13, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0

Chapter 11 Topics

  1. FFT Spectrum of a Monochromatic Signal,
  2. FFT Spectrum of a Sum of Two Monochromatic Signals,
  3. FFT Spectrum of a Rectangular Wave,
  4. FFT Spectrum Sidebands of a Tone Burst Before and After Filtering,
  5. Cleaning a Noisy Signal using FFT Methods,
  6. Basic Ideas of the Fast Fourier Transform,
  7. Derivation of the Discrete Fourier Transform

The text file qfft.mac is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991, as published by the Free Software Foundation. For more information see the license information at the top of the file.