Maxima by Example, Chapter 1, Introduction to Maxima

Ted Woollett

Chapter 1 has been completely restructured and rewritten in order to provide a better introduction to this series of notes. We have added a wxMaxima worksheet 0101intro.wxm for a fast introduction, and 0102Lists.wxm for a comprehensive introduction to Maxima lists. We have also added Ted's maxima-init.mac file as a possible template for new users. Note that the name of the pdf file has been changed to mbe1intro.pdf. The Latex file mbe1intro.tex contains the complete latex source code, and can be used by Maxima users to construct their own personal notes or class handouts.
  1. --0101intro.wxm : Fast Start wxMaxima worksheet introduction to Maxima, Oct. 2020
  2. --0102Lists.wxm : Fast Start wxMaxima worksheet introduction to Maxima lists, Oct. 2020
  3. --maxima-init.mac : Ted's maxima-init.mac start-up file, Oct. 2020
  4. --mbe1intro.pdf : Introduction to Maxima, August 11, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0, 57 pages
  5. --mbe1intro.tex : Latex code for Ch. 1, August 11, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0
  6. --mbe1toc.txt : Ch. 1 Detailed Table of Contents, August 11, 2009
  7. --mbe1code.txt : Ch.1 Code input text file: August 11, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0
  8. --mbe1util.mac : Ch. 1 Maxima Utility Functions: August 11, 2009, Maxima 5.19.0

Chapter 1 Topics

  1. What is Maxima?
  2. Introduction to the wxMaxima Interface (as of 2009: see 0101intro.wxm for a more current view)
  3. Introduction to the Xmaxima Interface
  4. Creating and Using a Startup File
  5. Maxima Expressions, Numbers, Operators, Constants, and Reserved Words
  6. Input and Output Examples
  7. Maxima Power Tools at Work
  8. User Defined Maxima Functions
  9. History of Maxima
The text file mbe1util.mac is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE as published by the Free Software Foundation.