Director, Center for Global Security Research (CGSR), LLNL

Author: The Case for U.S. Nuclear Weapons in the 21st Century, Dec. 2015

CGSR: 21st Cent. Nukes, 2016 IDA, Deter. Lim. N.W. 2018 Mitchell Inst, 2017
Sam Nunn School, 2019 IDA, Lim. N.W. Q&A 2018 CGSR, Theories of Victory, 2015
Middlebury Inst. 2016 Middlebury Inst. Panel 2016 NPR, Middlebury Inst. 2017


Assoc. Prof., Dept. of Government, Georgetown University

Author: The Logic of American Nuclear Strategy: why strategic superiority matters, 2018

Panel 1, Conflict & Cooperation, 2018 Deterrence Strategy Panel 4, 2017 Atlantic Council 2018: Deterring Russian 'de-escalatory strikes'
Heritage Foundation, 2018 CSIS 2018 Providence Mag., Ethics & Nuclear Weapons, 2017

U.S. & Russia: From Cold War to Hot Peace, Videos

Panel 2: CYBER, 2018 Panel 3: US - Russia 2018 Cohen - McFaul Debate 2018
Unresolved: US National Security 2018 Russia Threat Is Overblown, 2018 Hard Line On Iran? 2018

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NYT: Putin's New Weapons, Mar 2018

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