CSULB Math/Stat equivalencies

The CSULB Department of Mathematics and Statistics will accept the following courses as equivalent to our courses.


  1. Courses from California community colleges are automatically articulated with CSULB courses as soon as CSULB's Enrollment Services evaluates your transcripts. To see which courses count for which, consult assist.org (and you can trust the information there).
  2. So you only need this list for courses from other Cal State Universities, Universities of California, private schools, or out of state schools.
  3. This list is not exhaustive. If you have a class you think might be equivalent to one of our classes, please contact the moderator. To be safe, do this before you take the external course.
  4. If you have failed a course at CSULB, you may not repeat/delete it with a course at another institution. You may only repeat/delete it at CSULB (and even then, certain limitations apply).
  5. "and" means that you have to take both courses there to receive credit here, not that you can take either one.
  6. These equivalencies are not automatic in the CSULB system. You will still have to contact an advisor and ask for an "Advisor Request" to count the course as equivalent. You can only do this after your course is showing up on your CSULB record.
  7. CSULB does not accept online math courses for transfer credit equivalency from the following institutions: Louisiana State University, Ocean County College, University of North Dakota.
  8. This list tells you which courses from other schools CSULB will accept for credit at CSULB. They do not necessarily go the other way. CSULB has no control over whether other schools will accept our courses; if you hope to take a CSULB course for credit elsewhere, you must check with the other school in advance to see if they will accept it.


Will Murray
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
California State University, Long Beach
How to reach me

Approved equivalencies

Institution MATH course(s) there MATH course here
UC Berkeley 1A 122
1B 123
53 224
54 247
55 233
UC Davis 16A and 16B 115
17A and 17B 119A
21A and 21B 122
21B and 21C 123
UC Irvine 2A and 2B 122
2D and 2E 224
UCLA 31A 122
31B 123
32A and 32B 224
UC Merced 021 122
022 123
023 224
UC Riverside 9A and 9B 122
9B and 9C 123
10A and 10B 224
STAT 155 STAT 108
UC Santa Barbara 3A and 3B 122
6B 123
6A 224
UC Santa Cruz 19A 122
19B 123
23B 224
CSU Channel Islands 140 115
CSU San Marcos 160 122
162 123