Where does Will juggle?

My two main hobbies are travel and juggling. When I'm not working, I go places and juggle there. I'm happiest when I'm in some interesting place, visiting with old friends and new, and passing clubs with them. Here are some of those places.... Many thanks to the many people who were kind enough to supply pictures: Theresa Chow, Mary Crabb, Theo de Vlieger, Dani Facuseh, Deena Frooman, Guenther Haas, Steve Healy, Marc Hertlein, Katrina Lorne, Jeff Lutkus, Elizabeth Murray, Amy Peterson, Aaron Rix, Urs Rohrer, the Shilton Brothers, Michael Schwartz, Pam Stello, Anne Sturgeon, Dominik Thinay, Jim Thomas, Rupert Voelcker. I can't remember the provenance of a few of these pictures, so if you know, please get in touch with me.