Universities, Colleges and Schools Offering Chinese Courses

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Updated June, 2015

In the United States only, arranged alphabetically, by state first, then by names. Those programs are not listed if their web sites could not be found as of the date of posting. You can use University of Minnesota's LCTL database to do searching. If anybody knows other Chinese programs and their web sites, please be kind to send it to txie@csulb.edu.



Thanks go to the following professors and colleagues who have kindly provided the information of their own institutions as well as others: Jianhua Bai, Denise Benkert, Greg Bosco, Hsiang-Hua (Melanie) Chang, Dongdong Chen, Mary Coan, Constance Cook, Sara Day, Hongchu Fu, I-Ping Fu, Yan Gao, Charles E. Hammond, Agnes Weiyun He, Larry Herzberg, Yuwen Hsiung, Philip Kafala, Kate Kaup, Ellen Klempner, Li-Chun Caroline Lee-Thompson, Moi Mooi Lew, Wendan Li, Liman Lievens, Adams Lin, Jenny Lin, Maan Lin, Annie Liu, Feng-hsi Liu, Xiaoxing Liu, Lening Liu, Sun Perry Lo, Xuehong Lu, Christopher Lupke, Ellen Mak, LTC Paul Marks, Kong Mei, Louis Liuxi Meng, Stanley Mickel, Justin Pruitt, Carl Robertson, Claudia Ross, Ela Rossmiller, Gilbert Roy, Lauren Smith, Stuart Sargent, Jasmine Tang, Liang Tao, Rose Tan, Carman Tong, Jing Wang, Liwen Wang, Thomas J. Ward, Xiaohong Wen, Shu-Chu Wei-Peng, Peter T. Weiss,  Susan Welker, Philip Williams, Zhiqun Janet Xing, Ping Xu, Tan Ye, Meng Yeh, Li-hua Ying, Kuan Zhang, Min Zhang, Shifang Zhang, Qizhi Zhang.


Special thanks go to Chih-Wen Su  who complied and made the list of U.S. schools public at the web site http://www.classk12.org/Files/Resources.htm of  CLASS, the Chinese Language Association of Elementary-Secondary Schools.

University of Minnesota's LCTL database


1.  Minnesota University: List of Colleges and Universities in North America Teaching ChineseSearchable Database

Academic organizations

  1. Chinese Language Association of Elementary-Secondary Schools 全美中小學中文教師協會 (CLASS),
  2. Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA),
  3. Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York (CLTA-GNY) 大紐約地區中文教師學會
  4. Chinese School Association in the United States 全美中文學校協會 (CSAUS),
  5. National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools 全美中文學校聯合總會 (NCACLS),
  6. Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association,
  7. Newsletter of the Chinese Language Teachers Association,

The Universities and Colleges Offering MA or Ph.D. Degrees Leading to Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL)


1.  Universities and colleges offering MA and Ph.D. leading to TCFL

K-12 Chinese programs in US schools

  1. K-12 Chinese programs in US schools

Institutions offering Chinese courses

  1. University of Alabama, Alabama
  2. Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
  3. Northern Arizona University, Arizona
  4. University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
  5. University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas
  6. Emory University, Atlanta
  7. California State University, Fresno, California
  8. California State University, Fullerton, California
  9. California State University, Hayward, California
  10. California State University, Long Beach, California
  11. California State University, Los Angeles, California
  12. California State University, Monterey Bay, California
  13. California State University, Northridge, California
  14. California State University, Sacramento, California
  15. California State University, Stanislaus, California
  16. City College of San Francisco, California
  17. Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center, California
  18. Diablo Valley College, California
  19. East Los Angeles College, California
  20. Humboldt State University, California
  21. Los Medanos College, California
  22. Loyola Marymount, California
  23. Monterey Institute of International Studies, California
  24. Monterey Institute of International Studies, California
  25. Occidental College, California
  26. Pasadena City College, California
  27. Pomona College, California
  28. Saddleback College, California
  29. San Diego State University, California
  30. San Francisco State University, California
  31. San Jose State University, California
  32. Santa Monica College, California
  33. Santa Rosa Junior College, California
  34. Soka University, California
  35. Stanford University, California
  36. UC Berkeley, California
  37. UC Davis, California
  38. UC Irvine, California
  39. UC Los Angeles, California
  40. UC Riverside, California
  41. UC San Diego, California
  42. UC Santa Barbara, California
  43. UC Santa Cruz, California
  44. University of Southern California, California
  45. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
  46. University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado
  47. Central Connecticut State University, Connecticut
  48. Connecticut College, Connecticut
  49. Trinity College, Connecticut
  50. Wesleyan University, Connecticut
  51. University of Bridgeport, Connecticut
  52. University of Connecticut, Connecticut
  53. Yale University, Connecticut
  54. University of Delaware, Delaware
  55. University of Central Florida, Florida
  56. University of Florida, Florida
  57. Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia
  58. Georgia Perimeter College, Georgia
  59. Kennewsaw State University, Georgia
  60. University of Georgia, Georgia
  61. University of Hawaii, Manoa, Hawaii
  62. Augustana College, Illinois
  63. North Central College, Illinois
  64. Northwestern University, Illinois
  65. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois
  66. University of Chicago, Illinois
  67. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Illinois
  68. Ball State University, Indiana
  69. Butler University, Indiana
  70. Indiana University, Indiana
  71. Indiana University-Purdue University (IUPUI), Indianapolis, Indiana
  72. Purdue University, Indiana
  73. Valparaiso University, Indiana
  74. Grinnell College, Iowa
  75. University of Iowa, Iowa
  76. University of Kansas, Kansas
  77. Bellarmine University, Kentucky
  78. Author, Keyword
  79. Louisiana State University, Louisiana
  80. Bates College, Maine
  81. Bowdoin College, Maine
  82. Colby College, Maine
  83. The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland
  84. St. Mary's College, Maryland
  85. University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland
  86. Brandeis University, Massachusetts
  87. Harvard University, Massachusetts
  88. Holy Cross College, Massachusetts
  89. MIT, Massachusetts
  90. Tufts University, Massachusetts
  91. University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Massachusetts
  92. Wellesley College, Massachusetts
  93. Williams College, Massachusetts
  94. Calvin College, Michigan
  95. Grand Valley State University, Michigan
  96. Kalamazoo College, Michigan
  97. Michigan State University, Michigan
  98. Oakland University, Michigan
  99. University of Michigan, Michigan
  100. Western Michigan University, Michigan
  101. Carleton College, Minnesota
  102. College of Saint Benedict, Minnesota
  103. Minnesota State University Moorhead, Minnesota
  104. St. Benedict College, Minnesota
  105. St. Olaf Collage, Northfield, Minnesota
  106. University of Minnesota, Minnesota
  107. The University of Mississippi, Mississippi
  108. Dartmouth College, New Hampshire
  109. Princeton University, New Jersey
  110. Rutgers University, New Jersey
  111. Seton Hall University, New Jersey
  112. Bard College, New York, New York
  113. Baruch College, New York
  114. Colgate University, New York
  115. Columbia University, New York
  116. Cornell University, New York
  117. Hamilton College, New York
  118. Monroe Community College, Rochester, New York
  119. New York University, New York
  120. Queensborough Community College, New York
  121. Rochester Institute of Technology, New York
  122. Skidmore College, New York
  123. State University of New York, Albany, New York
  124. State University of New York, Buffalo, New York
  125. State University of New York, Geneseo, New York, New York
  126. State University of New York, Stony Brook, New York
  127. Union College,Schenectady, New York
  128. United States Military Academy, New York
  129. Vassar College, New York
  130. Duke University, North Carolina
  131. Wake Forest University, North Carolina
  132. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
  133. Furman University, Greenville, South Carolina
  134. Bowling Green State Uni, Bowling Green, Ohio
  135. Cleveland State University, Ohio
  136. Cuyahoga Community College, Ohio
  137. Kent State University, Ohio
  138. Kenyon College, Ohio
  139. Marietta College, Ohio
  140. Miami University, Ohio, Ohio
  141. Ohio State University, Ohio
  142. Ohio University, Ohio
  143. University of Akron, Ohio
  144. University of Dayton, Ohio
  145. Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio
  146. University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma
  147. Allegheny College, Pennsylvania
  148. Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania
  149. Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania
  150. Haverford College, Pennsylvania
  151. Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
  152. Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
  153. Penn State University, Pennsylvania
  154. Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania
  155. University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania
  156. University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  157. Brown University, Rhode Island
  158. University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island
  159. College of Charleston, Charleston, South Carolina
  160. University of South Carolina, South Carolina
  161. University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee
  162. Rice University, Texas
  163. Southern Methodist University, Texas
  164. Southwestern University, Texas
  165. Trinity University, Texas
  166. University of Houston, Texas
  167. University of Texas at Austin, Texas
  168. Brigham Young University, Utah
  169. University of Utah, Utah
  170. Middlebury College, Vermont
  171. Middlebury College Chinese School, Vermont
  172. Middlebury Summer School, Vermont
  173. University of Vermont, Vermont
  174. College of William and Mary, Virginia
  175. George Mason University, Virginia
  176. Radford University, Virginia
  177. University of Richmond, Virginia
  178. University of Virginia, Virginia
  179. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Virginia
  180. Washington and Lee University, Virginia
  181. Central Washington University, Washington
  182. Seattle University, Washington
  183. University of Puget Sound, Washington
  184. University of Washington, Washington
  185. Washington State University, Washington
  186. Western Washington University, Washington
  187. Whitman College, Washington
  188. Witman College, Washington
  189. George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  190. Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
  191. Beloit College, Wisconsin
  192. Lawrence University, Wisconsin
  193. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  194. University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin