Practical Chinese Reader
Text Recording and Video Clips
By Tim Xie, California State University, LongBeach
 Note: It takes a while to download the sound file. Youcan click the right button to save the sound files to your computer. Nexttime, you don't have to download them again. You can listen to the soundfiles from your own computer. In some cases, your plug-in programs maynot work properly for some files. If that happens, right click to savethe file and then use your autio program to listen. All the video clipsare provided by Prof. Jeff Winters, the Director of the CLA language computerlab.
Part I
Lesson1 text WordsVideo
Lesson2 text WordsVideo
Lesson3 text WordsVideo 
Lesson4 text WordsVideoClassPresentation
Lesson5 text WordsVideoClassPresentation
Lesson6 text WordsVideo
Lesson7 text WordsVideo
Lesson8 text, Words,Supwords Video
Lesson9 text WordsVideo
Lesson10 text WordsVideo
Lesson11text WordsVideo
Lesson12 text WordsVideo
Lesson13 text WordsVideo
Lesson13 text Words(Realaudio version)
Lesson14 text WordsReadingVideo
Part II
Lesson15 text WordsReadingVideo
Lesson16 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson17 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson18 Video, Text,NewWords
Lesson19 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson20 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson21 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson22 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson23 Video Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson24 Video, Text,NewWords
Part III
Lesson25 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson26 Video, Listen,Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson27 Video, Listen,Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson28 Video, Text,NewWords,Reading
Lesson29 Video, Listen1,Listen2,Text,NewWords, Reading
Lesson30 Video, Text,NewWords
Last updated April 2002