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You don't need any Chinese systems or Pinyinfont to print each lesson. However, Adobe Acrobat Reader needs to be installedin your computer to print the handouts in pdf format. You can downloadit for free and then click on each lesson to print your hard copy. Pleasenote that this version is a draft which may contain typos and errors. Reportingtypos and errors is appreciated. Send your message to txie@csulb.eduThe hardcopy is provided here for  fair use to learn the languageonly. Please do not use it for any other commercial purposes. All copyrightsare reserved.

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Unit 1 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 2 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 3 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 4 Trad.Simpl.

Unit0 5 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 6 Trad.Simpl. 

Unit 7 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 8 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 9 Trad.Simpl.

Unit 10Trad.  Simpl.

Unit 11Trad.  Simpl.

Unit 12Trad.  Simpl.

Unit 13Trad.  Simpl.

Unit 14Trad.  Simpl.

Unit 15Trad.  Simpl.

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updated April 2007