Unit 15

Part I: Listen and Learn 2

Click on the speaker icon of each sentence and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.

  1. John sh Migu Bn Zhu y ji gngs de jngl.
    John is manager of a company in Pennsylvania, U.S.
    John 是美國賓州一家公司的經理。

  2. T gn Zhnggu zu shngyi.
    He does business with China.

  3. Zhnggu chngchng yu rn li Migu tn shngyi.
    There are visitors often coming from China to do business.

  4. John xinzi hu shu ydir Zhngwn.
    John can speak a little Chinese now.
    John 現在會說一點兒中文。

  5. T ky gn Zhnggu li de pngyou shu Zhngwn.
    He can speak Chinese to the friends who come from China.

  6. Jindn de hu, t du tng de dng.
    He can understand all simple stuff.

  7. Nn ydir de hu, t ji tng bu dng.
    He can't understand talk which is a little difficult.

  8. Suy t dsun mngnin do Zhnggu q jx xu Zhngwn.
    Therefore, he plans to go to China and continue to learn Chinese next year.


  • 'Zhnggu li de pngyou': the friends who came from China. This pattern is explained in the previous unit. Remember the 'left' and 'right' branching difference between Chinese and English?

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