Unit 14

Part I: Listen and Learn 2

Click on the speaker icon of each sentence and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.

  1. W sh cng Zhnggu li de.
    I came from China.

  2. W y xhun ty yndng, ynwi b yndng du shnt b ho.
    I like sports too, because not doing exercises is not good to health.

  3. W hu d pngpnqi, piqi, y hu t zqi.
    I can play table-tennis well, volleyball. I can also play soccer.

  4. Pngpnqi w d de bcu, ksh zqi t de b ti ho.
    I play table-tennis well, but I don't play soccer very well.

  5. Zi Migu w b chng d pngpngqi.
    In the U.S., I don't play table-tennis very often.

  6. W b ti xhun Migu de gnlnqi.
    I don't like American football that much.

  7. Bgu, w chngchng kn gnlnqi bsi.
    However, I often watch football games.

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