Unit 13

Part I: Listen and Learn 2

Click on the speaker icon of each sentence and listen to the recording. The Chinese characters are in big5 format.

  1. W sh Migu rn, y hn xhun ch Zhnggu ci.
    I am an American. I also very much like to eat Chinese food.

  2. Ynwi Zhnggu ci hn hoch, b ti yun, hn yu yngyng.
    Because Chinese food is very delicious, not very greasy, (it is) very nutritious.

  3. W tbi xhun ch Schun ci, ynwi Schun ci bjio l.
    I particularly like to eat Sichuan food, because Sichuan food is fairly spicy.

  4. Bgu w y chngchng ch xci.
    Nevertheless, I also often eat western food.

  5. Hnbobo, bsbng, w du xhun.
    Hamburger, pizza, I like them all.

  6. W mitin h nini, ynwi nini hn yu yngyng, du shnt yu hoch.
    I drink milk very day, because milk is very nutritious, (it is) good to health.


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